Q Is For…

Another day, another letter lol…i’ll be well and truly in need of my day off tomorrow :)

Its Q day on the A-Z Challenge and i don’t know whats been more difficult. Doing the story for my random word, or finding a letter Q to take a photo of!

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P Is For…

Good morning :) Ive just been sitting in my garden drinking my cup of tea, trying to come up with an idea for todays letter. Its P day on the A-Z Challenge and I’m feeling totally uninspired with me word. No, not totally uninspired. I did come up with an idea, but the story would be way too long.

My random word today is Poison, which i thought, initially was a great word….but all i keep thinking is about the last scene in Madame Bovary and that Sherlock Holmes said it was a “womans weapon” lol

Ok, here goes…lets see what comes out…

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O Is For…

Good morning readers and fellow A-Zers :) Today i have a dentists appointment *groans* so I’m trying to force myself into a positive place lol

Its “O” day in the A-Z Challenge and now we’re past the middle i can see the end in sight. Remind me next year to do something i can schedule lol ;)


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N Is For…

Another day, another letter…worn out yet? Im getting there i must admit. I had a blinding headache yesterday afternoon that seems to have continued into this morning. Im not used to using this many brain cells continuously ;)

So today is N day in the A-Z Challenge.


My random word for the day, incredibly, is Notebook ha ha ha ;)

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L Is For…

Good morning A-Zers :)

I enjoyed my day off yesterday, up to a point. Had a lovely meet with some Wrimo’s for a writing session (where i spent the whole time trying to find the right title for my newest novel – more about that after the A-Z Challenge) and then ended up in A & E (ER) with a contact lens stuck in my eye! LMAO ;) I have to laugh or i’ll cry! This morning i look like someone has punched me in the eye and I’m squinting at everything. Supposed to be going to my writing group tonight, but we’ll have to see…double vision and driving don’t go well together :(

So now I’ve had my little whinge, lets get on with todays entry. Its L day today…

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K Is For…

Its the last day of week two (we get Sundays off) in the A-Z Challenge and todays letter is K :)


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J Is For…

Good morning! Im feeling much better :)

So todays J day in the A-Z Challenge and from the moment i saw the word i’d been given a Beatles song popped into my head, and i knew exactly what i wanted to write about.

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I Is For…

After a lovely day up London yesterday, today is a complete contrast.I don’t know what i ate that was bad, but something has given me food poisoning :( So i’ll be spending most of the day on the sofa, drinking water *sighs*

But enough whining, lets get back to the job in hand… Todays letter in the A-Z Challenge is I and under the circumstances the random word (which was chosen last month remember) is very appropriate lol

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H Is For…

Sorry I’m a bit late with this post, I’m currently writing this from a desk in the library of the RSA in Central London. A good enough excuse don’t you think? ;)

Anyway, today’s letter in the A-Z Challenge is H…

and my random word is Home…

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G Is For…

Good morning! Im trying to be enthusiastic this morning but the word i was given for “G” has been hard work. Its a word that has several meanings, which kinda makes it more difficult (for me anyway). So heres my G entry for the A-Z Challenge


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