A Is For…

Good morning :)

The sun is just beginning to shine here in my corner of Kent (which always puts me in a good mood) and today is day one of the Blogging A-Z Challenge!


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The “Nearly” A-Z Poem

Trying to prepare myself for the A-Z Challenge which begins tomorrow *gulp* i dug this out of one of my notebooks…

Prompted by LouAnn at On The Homefront And Beyond (many months ago!) I decided to do an A-Z poem on how I see myself. Ok, it was a bit ambitious, I couldn’t come up with any words that I could describe myself with that started with X or Z  so i used those in the title.  Fun challenge LouAnn :)

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My Dream Home

Prompt 13 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

Describe your dream home as if you are living in it now.

Every morning I am woken by the sun casting its rays across the floor and ceiling of my bedroom. With each season the light changes, but the sqwarking of the seagulls is constant…

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Let’s Talk Notebooks

I recently came across Walmart’s Guide to Buying a Notebook. What? There’s a guide to buying a notebook? I thought most of us just saw one we fancied and bought it lol

Have a read, it’s quite interesting :)

You’ve seen my filled in notebooks many times, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you my notebook stash…

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Tales From A Notebook Part 3

I’ve been indexing my notebooks *groan* No, actually it’s not been thatbad lol. A bit boring at times, but occasionally I’ve stumbled across something useful.

Here are some pages from notebook number 3. I was experimenting with Haiku’s at the time, gawd only knows why, I’m so crap at poetry lol

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The Kitchen Widow

Prompt number 6 from the 30 Day Writing Challenge

Start a piece with “I am standing at my kitchen window…”

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Am I Really A Writing Retreat Type?

You may have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet? I’ve not been on FaceBook, I’m behind in replying to comments, e mails and reading blogs. I guess it was appropriate then, that at the end of a week where I’ve not been feeling too good, I should have a Mini Writing Retreat :)

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A Nightmare on My Street

The 5th prompt in the 30 Day Writing Challenge is…

Write about a dream or nightmare that you’ve had and turn it into a short story.

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Creating A Character

Prompt number 4 on the 30 Day Writing Challenge is…

Create a character off the top of your head and write a short history of him/her. Oh yes! You know how I love to create characters :)

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