Must Do’s 11th to 17th March

Last Mondays critique at Faber threw me into a bit of confusion, as my To Do List was compiled the day before…you’ll see what I mean when you read on.

So last weeks list was a bit hit and miss 😉

1. Faber homework. Done!
2. Sort out notes from Faber critique. Hmmmm, well, I did, kind of, but I’ve been toying with what to do all week. I’m still unsure of what way to go, but, I need to make a decision. I think I know what I want to do, whether it will work or not is another matter 😉
3. Work on Faber Synopsis. Nope…how can I write a synopsis when I don’t know how it’s going to be structured? Lol
4. Add 2000 words to Still. Nope 😦
5. Catch up with E Mails and Blogs. Done, but I’m constantly behind!
6. Do some studying. Yep, I’m enjoying Celia Brayfields Bestseller

So this week is looking like this…


Lets hope I’m more productive this week! Lol

What are your writing plans this week?

14 thoughts on “Must Do’s 11th to 17th March

  1. I’ve spent the weekend attempting to organise myself more. Setting myself goals on a daily plan. I want to be more productive and not just an as and when. I like how you’re organised so I’m giving it a try! Here’s to a productive week!


  2. Your working week always looks so full! My plan this week is to start first draft of the novel I suddenly got all excited about on Saturday and wrote about on my Blogger blog ( It’s all planned out on sticky notes that can be added to or moved around and I’m thinking I might actually write the whole thing this time! (But not all of it this week!) I hope you have a good week and that you manage to work out where you’re going with it and get your synopsis sorted. x


  3. Wait! You mean whiteout is legal in a day-planner?!?!? I think my universe is coming apart…matter and anti-matter have collided! Why did no one tell me this 20 years ago?

    But, seriously, I treat my entries as inviolate and suffer the consequences. It seems such an easy thing, to brush over an incongruent distraction, yet it feels impossible. My hat (and hair) is (are) off to you!

    Thanks for the uplift.


  4. Good luck with the synposis and your work on ‘Still’ – am sure you will work it out and find a means to succeed.
    My writing week consists of drafting a short story and attending some events at a Literature Festival (as per my yearly goals). Am so glad you inspired me to start my own ‘to-do lists’ – they make me realise how I’m working toward my dream every week!
    Looking forward to your next faber blog (wonder what delicious treat you’ll post a pic of this time?!)
    Take Care, Cat x


  5. Vikki, I am a day late … having spent two days clearing out some of the dust and rubble from my life. To clear the decks as it were for the next phase of my work. We move items from one list to the next … underscore and write in bold letters those ticks on the list that we cannot not ignore. Then we must put ourselves to the task.

    Yes, the first of a trilogy is done and being read. Query being perfected. List of potential agents, samples to potential independent publishers ready to fly. On to a new list:

    The blog is progressing and growing into something I kept only as a dream.

    The decks clearing, I prepare to revisit the second and third of the trilogy … written and waiting for me to apply hard earn lessons from the first. And so we move on … check list in hand …pen and paper ready.

    Inch by inch and one check mark at a time, we move forward. Keep working and writing 🙂


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