Must Do’s 8th to 14th July

Well, last week was a wash out 😦 I think I left the house, what, twice, between Monday morning and Friday afternoon lol….so annoying!

So nothing from last weeks list got done lol, although “Tangled” is now in it’s envelope lol.

It will be going off Wednesday morning (it’s the earliest I can fit in going to the post office) and I have spent the weekend decluttering. So the plans for this week are:

It’s gunna be a good week, a few nice “writerly” type events to look forward to, especially after such a poxy week of illness.

What are your writing plans for the week?

20 thoughts on “Must Do’s 8th to 14th July

  1. I’m sorry you’ve not been well Vikki and hope you’re feeling better now. Your trial of being stuck in the house Mon-Fri is a blessing for me, being able to hide out. At least this time you’ve managed to get Tangled into a ‘ready to go’ state and got some decorating done. That’s real progress. Roll on Wednesday and the Post Office. Here’s to a better week for you.
    Massive Hugs xxxx


  2. Glad you’re feeling better and you have things to look forward too. I need to go to some events, but don’t feel that there’s a great need at the moment. I think it’s currently more important to get my MS finished – which is what I’ll be working on this week.
    It’s always exciting and terrifying putting thigs in the post. My fingers are crossed for you.


    • Thanks Debbie 🙂

      Yes, getting the MS finished is very important, but, so is talking to other writers, I get so alienated at times 😉

      Good luck honey, you can do it, but have plenty of breaks *wags finger* lol 😉

      Thank you 🙂



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