NaNoWriMo Day 5

So its day 5 of Nanowrimo, and I’ve done everything i can possibly think of to avoid writing lol

I feel like I’m wading through treacle…i sit at my desk, i open the file, and then i sit there, typing the odd word every now and again. Ok, the health crap is affecting me because i have to stop typing every so often and switch to the old fashioned method of pen and paper, but then after doing that for a bit i have to go back to typing.

I really don’t know whats wrong with me this year, I’m just not feeling  it 😦

Ok, yeah, the health issues haven’t helped, scrapping the novel idea and switching to short stories at the last minute probably didn’t help either and all i think is that i can’t be arsed lol.

*whine moan whinge pout stamps foot*

I have written every single day, so far this month, so i can’t complain about that. Nor can i complain that my word count stands at just under 10,000 words, so i am ahead, its just been so much harder this year.

Ok, now I’ve got that off my chest i just wanted to share something from the Nanowrimo blog with you all. One of my Co ML’s has had a piece published on their official blog. So proud of our boy, and our county. The Kent Wrimo’s are a great bunch and i guess, no matter how successful or not i am this month, i can never give it up, never…because think of all the fun id miss out on?

Anyway, check out the Nano Blog and see why its so wonderful being a Kent Wrimo, no matter how many words you actually end up writing 🙂

4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Day 5

  1. This time last year you were forging ahead. I don’t like to think of you as not having recovered yet from your illness. I hope whatever is holding you back let’s go and you’re off with a spurt again.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • Thank you so much David, I’m still keeping above the word count every day but its literally taking ALL DAY lol…the hours i spend in front of the laptop just staring at the flashing cursor lol



  2. Vikki, with 10,000 words in the bag you are probably suffering from premature burn-out. Just blog and read for a couple of days and then give it some welly with another story from the cards.

    love Sue X (hope you’re still signed up to my blog)


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