Will You Be Nanoing This Year?

Well, if it just happens to have escaped your notice, NaNoWriMo 2013 starts this Friday!

Again this year I’ll be ML’ing and attempting to take part…

But firstly, some apologies, and an announcement…

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Let’s Talk Notebooks

I recently came across Walmart’s Guide to Buying a Notebook. What? There’s a guide to buying a notebook? I thought most of us just saw one we fancied and bought it lol

Have a read, it’s quite interesting 🙂

You’ve seen my filled in notebooks many times, so I thought I would take this opportunity to show you my notebook stash…

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Poor Penelope

Prompt 10 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

Find something that you wrote a long time ago and rewrite the beginning, giving it a different tone.

Original version (written May 2011)
On Monday evenings I always indulge myself by a visit to one of the local bars. At 45 ive done well, keeping my looks, and body shape. Im often told I could pass for 35 easily.

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Social Media Burnout?

I’ve actually started to get back to normal. Over the weekend I checked FaceBook at least 6 times. I responded to Tweets, and caught up with some e mails. I read some blog posts, responded to blog comments and even managed a FaceBook status update lol. But this got me thinking…

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The Things They Carried

Reading Richard Skinner’s “Fiction Writing” i just wanted to share with you a small idea that I love 🙂

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Am I Branching Out Into Erotica?

Prompt 9 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

You’re sitting in a cafe when you look up and see… Write a fictional piece about what would happen if you saw a celebrity in a coffee shop.

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There Goes Another One…

Week that is. I’m sure I saw it woosh by my ear, or was that one of the cats? *sighs*

It’s been 2 weeks since I had a cigarette. Is it getting easier? No, but at least it’s not getting harder lol. I was determined last Monday that I was going to get back to normal. Ha ha ha, yeah, right, it’s not happened. I’m sleeping more, eating more, reading more (books), writing less, and socialising less (online). If it wasn’t for this little bundle I’d probably wouldn’t get dressed!

Albies been my reason for getting up each morning, as I would quite happily just sit in bed all day and read.

So how do I get back on track? I’m finding it really difficult? Should I just have a break from everything and be done with it? So I don’t feel so guilty? But then what if I never get back into it? I’ve got Nano coming up and I need to prep, but I can’t find the motivation. Gawd, this sounds like an IWSG post lol.

Ok, I’ll stop whining, try to focus lol. Wish me luck 🙂

What are your writing plans for the week. Please share, it might get me fired up again 🙂

Tales From A Notebook Part 3

I’ve been indexing my notebooks *groan* No, actually it’s not been thatbad lol. A bit boring at times, but occasionally I’ve stumbled across something useful.

Here are some pages from notebook number 3. I was experimenting with Haiku’s at the time, gawd only knows why, I’m so crap at poetry lol

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Stay Together For The Kids

Today’s prompt from the 30 Day Writing Challenge is:

Pick the title of one of your favourite songs and write a piece about it. Give the lyrics meaning by creating a story for it.

This was sooooo hard, but I finally decided on…

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