Christmas Is Coming…..

I absolutely refuse to think about Christmas until we get to December, but, I have to admit, I’ve been giving The Hubster ideas on what I want since September lol.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a blog post suggesting ideas for presents for writers…

The Urban Writers Retreat’s list has some great suggestions, and I’d be happy to receive all of those, but, I’d also like to add…

Search “writer” on CafePress (oh wow! Click the link and see all the goodies!!!!)

Search “jewellery for writers on Etsy (on second thoughts don’t, or at least make sure you don’t have access to any money lol)

As for notebooks, you will be in good company if you add a Smythson to your list. If they’re good enough for the Queen of England…

And finally, my personal favourite as a gift (because I collect them) how about a pen? Personally I love fountain pens, so you’ll never go wrong if you buy me one as a gift 🙂 I’d like to add this Cartier one to my Christmas list this year.

But I’m not sure Santa will go for the £7,050 price tag. What’s that in dollars?

What’s on your Christmas list this year?


10 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming…..

  1. Good to see a post from you arriving in my mail box! :0 As for Christmas presents……… for me it’s always book tokens…can’t ever get enough of them! 🙂

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  2. Hi Vikki, I asked Santa for the same pen last year and all the items in Cartier’s Jaguar collection. I must have got his email address wrong ’cause they didn’t arrive. Sad face here.
    love Sue Pope X


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