Friday Fiction…On A Monday

I didn’t get chance to blog at all last week. What with the 100K challenge and then the internet going down for 2 days (GRRRR!!!! Don’t ask *rolls eyes*) but, i have got back in to reading, and watching rather a lot of a certain TV show…so its all good.

Just a quick piece of fiction today that was written in response to Dominics recent photo…

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Friday Fiction – Caff’s Caff

Dominics photo this week prompted the following scene. At some stage in the future perhaps i can extend it 😉








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How Well Do You Know Your Characters?

Firstly, thanks to everyone who commented on my Fiction Friday post. Im really quite shocked that no one guessed who, or what, was narrating the story. It was…

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Friday Fiction – The Bench

Is it Friday already? Wow, that week went quick 🙂

Today’s piece of fiction was prompted by this photo…









A big thank you to Dominic de Mattos for allowing me to use it here…

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Friday Fiction

To keep my brain ticking over I’ve decided to do a prompt every Friday morning. I have to admit that I’ve blatantly stolen the idea from the Friday Fictioneers 🙂

Todays piece is inspired by this photo, which i took whilst taking tea (get me!) at Fortnum & Masons last month.









It inspired a character more than an actual story…

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N Is For…

Another day, another letter…worn out yet? Im getting there i must admit. I had a blinding headache yesterday afternoon that seems to have continued into this morning. Im not used to using this many brain cells continuously 😉

So today is N day in the A-Z Challenge.


My random word for the day, incredibly, is Notebook ha ha ha 😉

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F Is For…

Well, i enjoyed my day off yesterday from the challenge, treated myself to a new bag and some mini doughnuts to celebrate completing week one 😉

Ive been visiting 10 blogs per day over at the challenge list (I’m visiting blogs tagged WR to start with) and have found some great new bloggers to follow (oh dear lol). Don’t you just love April 🙂

Soooo my random word for F in the A-Z Challenge is…

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C Is For…

It’s day 3 of the A-Z Challenge which means it’s “C” day 🙂





I did my random word generating over a week ago now, and believe it or not I can’t remember the words I was given that are written in my notebook. Yesterday afternoon I looked at what word I’d been given for C and I slumped lol. A and B were inspiring, C wasnt. So yesterday evening I Googled the word….and there it was, staring me in the face…inspiration lol…let’s hope I don’t get done for treason 😉

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The Things They Carried

Reading Richard Skinner’s “Fiction Writing” i just wanted to share with you a small idea that I love 🙂

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