Does Your WIP Need A Bible?

One of my favourite bloggers, Hunter over at Hunters Writings recently included a link in one of her posts to a very interesting article:

Making A Writing Bible is an article that appeared on The Write Thing’s web site.
Edited to add: This link appears to be down 😦

Hunter has also been talking about The Novel Journal

So that’s what I’ve been working on, in preparation for Nano, my WIP Bible 🙂


I’ve decided to use a notebook rather than my Netbook as I can add things as and when I think of them. Even carry it around in my bag if inspiration strikes.

So, I’ve got the hero (although he’s changed a bit since you last heard about him….thank you for all your comments and suggestions!!!!). His name is now Daminano Moretti 😉 harry is still knocking about, and I’m sure i’ll find a use for him later 😉 Kate Walker suggested that we find a photo of what we envisage our hero to look like. So after some extensive Googling I have a couple of pics!

Then this section is for notes on my heroine, who is still Kate 🙂 I’ve also found a couple of pics of what I imagine her to look like.

I have a section for the minor characters. There won’t be many, as, in a Mills & Boon, its all about the hero and heroine.

The setting…..ahhhhh…. *day dreams wistfully* It’s Sorrento in Italy. So I’m collecting pics and info.

Chapter breakdown is a suggestion made by Sharon Kendrick at Swanwick. Because Mills & Boon books generally have a pattern, it’s a good idea to have an outline of where things need to happen, such as “the black moment” and that way you know where you are 😉

Notes and ideas is basically the section for everything else….title ideas, ideas for scenes, back story etc…..

I’ve never worked like this before (I was a pantster lol) but I can really see the benefits. And now, I have 2 whole months to collect all the info I need before I actually start writing on the 1st November! And I have to say….I’m loving it! 😉

Have you ever created a WIP Bible? And if not, would you consider it?

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves

A HUGE thank you to Heidi at The Teenage Writer and Cheryl at Creative Muse 365 for both nominating me for the Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award 🙂

I am honoured and soooo chuffed 🙂 I love getting awards, especially ones I’ve never received before. It’s nice to know people enjoy my posts 😉

Sooooo, now for the rules…..Like most of these awards it’s a case of passing it on and listing some stuff you don’t know about me. Is there anything you don’t know about me? Really? Are you not bored yet? Lol 😉

Seriously, as I’m a rule breaker, let’s mix this up a bit….. 7 questions….you guys tell me what you want to know. So I’ll answer the first 7 questions in the comments ok.

Now, for the nominee’s……..I’m going to pass this one on to my top commenters 🙂

LouAnnn at On The Homefront And Beyond
CC at Honesty
C B Wentworth
Robin Coyle
Kirsten at Write A Book With Me

And lastly Elliott at Brain Splats who is officially on my list, but, of course, he’s not a girly *snigger* Elliot, please feel free to consider yourself nominated for the “Sisterhood” award, but I won’t embarrass you by splashing it all over your blog, unless you’d like me to? 😉

Ok, over to you guys *bites finger nails nervously* 7 questions……???????

Character interviews

Laura Pfundt was talking the other day about interviewing characters, then Chris Stocking posted about interviewing his characters.

It’s so important to get to know your characters fully, and a quick Google search will pull up various forms of questionnaires that you can use to get to know your characters better. But, my absolute favourite way to get to know my characters is by using Manon Eileen’s Character Survey 🙂 Another good one is listed on the Writers Write Creative Blog

Kirsten at Write A Book With Me takes her characters out for a cup of coffee. I LOVE this idea.

And Kate Walker gets her hubby to bombard her with questions about her characters in the car 🙂

People watching at Swanwick 😉

So what do you do to get to know your characters?

Blogiversary Celebrations

Noooo, not mine…..Jennifer M Eaton

To celebrate her Blogiversary, Jennifer has invited her followers to write a story with her and so, I became participant number 9 🙂

You can read all the story on Jennifer’s blog, but here’s my contribution 🙂

“Please Janosc, leave us!” Janelle glared at her brother.
“Very well, I will wait outside.”
Marci watched in awe, as his wings carried him out through the open window.
“I must apologise for my brother Marci, he always thinks he knows best.”

Janelle sat down on the bare wooden floor and crossed her pale delicate legs. Her wings folding elegantly behind her as she lowered herself. She patted the floor and Marci sat down in front of her.
“I’m really confused Janelle, what Janosc said, I…..”
Janelle put her finger to her lips. “Hush child. Janosc was telling the truth. Being Queen isn’t the same for my people as it is for yours. There will be no pretty frock and crown for me.” She hung her head.
“Well don’t do it then.” Marci pleaded.
“Please try to understand Marci, my love for my brother is great, but my love for my people, our whole existence, is greater.”
Janelle got to her feet and walked towards Marci. She put her hand on Marci’s knee and smiled.
“Thank you Marci, for all your help.”

From outside came the sound of laughter. “Marci? Marci?”
“Thats my father!” Marci gasped.
“I must go child.”
Janelle opened her wings and flew up to Marci’s face, where she hovered, her wings beating silently. “Please don’t worry about me child, I know what I have to do.”
Before Marci could reply Janelle flew up to the open window.
“Will I ever see you again?” Marci asked as a tear trickled down her cheek.
Janelle turned and smiled, and with a wave, she was gone.

A tear dripped from Marci’s chin onto her hand. She watched, as it rolled down her finger, then dropped onto the wooden floor, next to the Olden Leaf. She scrambled to her feet, and snatched up the leaf. Taking a small wooden pot from her shelf she placed it inside and wiped her face with her sleeve.

“Marci? Marci? Oh, where is that girl?” Her mother called.

“I’m coming!” Marci called in return and ran down the stairs to great her father.

This will make no sense whatsoever unless you’ve been keeping up with the story lol. My little section is very basic compared to some of the beautiful writing some of Jennifer’s participants have submitted. But I’ve enjoyed the challenge, especially as I’ve never written any YA stuff before.

Do you think I should give YA a go? Or throw in the towel now? Lol

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JENNIFER – May there be many more to come!

The To Do List 27th August to 2nd September

I had a pretty productive week 🙂

1. Finish my current read. That should be easy as I’m really enjoying it.
Done! I’m on to another 🙂
2. Go through all my Swanwick notes and look up web sites, books, authors etc, who were recommended to me. This will probably take me a couple of days! Lol
Done! I ended up buying another 10 books….whoops! (I hope hubby skim reads that bit lol)
3. E mail people I said I would at Swanwick.
4. Catch up with my prompts.
I did, I’m totally up to date 🙂
5. Start implementing the desk idea. Ahhhhh, now this is exciting.
Oooooo, I did 🙂
6. Start making notes on my M & B novel.
Done! VERY successfully 🙂

So this week I have hubby off work, so I’m looking forward to some days out 🙂 And with that in mind, the to do list will need to reflect that.

1. Finish my book. I started reading All That Mullarkey by Sue Moorcroft. Really enjoying it so this one shouldn’t be too hard.
2. Stay on track with prompts.
3. Make more notes on the M & B novel – especially title, characters and a synopsis.
4. Do some more work on the “desk” project.
5. Look at and bookmark all the photo sites Kirsten suggested on my Blogger Beware post.


So a few early mornings for me, so I can fit some writing time in 🙂

what are you up to this week?

Six Sentence Sunday 26th August

I just can’t seem to manage pulling my finger out and actually registering officially on the Six Sentence Sunday site 😦 I really must make an effort next week lol

Ok, so here is today’s offering…..

The heavy scent of lavender filled my nostrils, relaxing my senses. Late August, and the sun was beginning to grow weary. Soon, there would be no more early evenings spent on the patio with my book and a chilled glass of Chardonnay.

I thought back to last summer and those happy days spent in Sicily with Roberto. How I missed his smile, his touch, his taste. I closed my eyes as the memories of that passionate night flooded me with a warm wave of lust.


Hmmmmm, could this be my first foray into Erotica? 😉 *snigger*

Blogger Beware!

No photo prompt today guys as I wanted to get this posted and next Tuesday I have another special post already scheduled 🙂

Jennifer M Eaton pointed her readers in the direction of a blog post by Roni Loren….. You Can Get Sued For Using Pics On Your Blog – My Story recently.

If you haven’t seen anything about this, please, do go and read it. It’s shocking, scary, and definitely something we should all be aware of.

I don’t often use photos on my blog that haven’t been taken by me, but after reading this, I don’t think I’ll ever be using anyone else’s stuff again! *gulp*

This begs the question, how far does copyright go? Do you have copyright over something you say? In a public place? In private? Who owns the copyright if you take a picture of say, a piece of art or a building that’s been designed by an architect? And what about all those pics and cartoons that get passed around on FaceBook?

Where do you get your photos from?