T Is For…

Its T day on the A-Z Challenge so we really are nearer the end than we are the beginning, if you see what i mean 😉

The random word generator gave me the word Tidy for today. Tidy? Seriously? *adopts blank expression* Bloody nora…what the hell am i gunna do with that? lol

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R Is For…

Good morning A-Zers, and non A-Zers of course 😉 Did you have a nice Easter Sunday? Eat lots of chocolate? I didn’t get an egg but i did eat a whole bag of Revels lol

So today is R day on the A-Z Challenge and its another day of feeling pretty uninspired. Am i just losing it, or does it all depend on my mood?

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Q Is For…

Another day, another letter lol…i’ll be well and truly in need of my day off tomorrow 🙂

Its Q day on the A-Z Challenge and i don’t know whats been more difficult. Doing the story for my random word, or finding a letter Q to take a photo of!

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P Is For…

Good morning 🙂 Ive just been sitting in my garden drinking my cup of tea, trying to come up with an idea for todays letter. Its P day on the A-Z Challenge and I’m feeling totally uninspired with me word. No, not totally uninspired. I did come up with an idea, but the story would be way too long.

My random word today is Poison, which i thought, initially was a great word….but all i keep thinking is about the last scene in Madame Bovary and that Sherlock Holmes said it was a “womans weapon” lol

Ok, here goes…lets see what comes out…

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C Is For…

It’s day 3 of the A-Z Challenge which means it’s “C” day 🙂





I did my random word generating over a week ago now, and believe it or not I can’t remember the words I was given that are written in my notebook. Yesterday afternoon I looked at what word I’d been given for C and I slumped lol. A and B were inspiring, C wasnt. So yesterday evening I Googled the word….and there it was, staring me in the face…inspiration lol…let’s hope I don’t get done for treason 😉

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B Is For…

Still on a high from yesterday, today’s snippet** is the first thing that popped into my head lol

photo-16 copy

My B entry for the A-Z Challenge is…well, let’s see if you can guess the word 😉

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