Blog Swaps & Guests

I am always happy to have guests on my blog, and happy to guest for others. So if you fancy it, leave me a message or e mail me angelchildvikki at g mail dot com 🙂

The following Bloggers/Authors have appeared on my Blog

Life’s Too Short with Ava from Journey of Jordanna East

My Favourite Steampunker featuring Chris Stocking from Write To Perfect

Picture Book Monsters featuring Clarike at Clarbojahn’s Blog

Life On A 5 Mile Island featuring Ayesha Shroeder

Following Your Destiny featuring author Wendy Steele

On a Hot August Afternoon featuring author Bridget Straub

Escaping to the Country featuring author Patsy Collins

Inspirational Brief Encounters featuring Vrginia at poets officium

The Lonely Hunter featuring Gail at The Writer is a Lonely Hunter

You Lucky Lucky People featuring CC from Honesty

Fascination featuring writer Josh Mosey

Patsy Collins talking about her new book release.

Children’s author Jane Ayres talks about Goal Setting

Bridget Whelan did a series of guest posts about Editing.
Part One
Part Two

Della Galton gives me advice on Editing

Jenny Keller Ford talks about how she deals with Negative Reviews

Editing advice from Joanne Phillips – Almost Perfect

Professional Editing with Alison Neale

Peter Jones talks First Drafts

Madalyn Morgan Foxden Acres Launch


The following posts are where I’ve appeared on other blogs: 🙂

Clarbojahn Presents A question and answer session for Clarbojahn.

Mr Nanowrimo Himself My report from the night I met Chris Baty for Ayesha Shroeder.

Guest Post for Wendy Steele, lots of talk about dessert islands and art.

Another’s View A question and answer session for Bridget Straub.

An Inside Look Where Patsy Collins quizzes me over my fascination with people’s desks.

Guest Post advice to aspiring writers for Virginia at poeta officium.

Blog Swap for Gail at The Writer is a Lonely Hunter, where I talk all about blogging.

An Introduction To The View Outside for Anthony over at Creative Writing Studies

Blog Swap for Josh Mosey, where I talk about The Insecure Writers Support Group.

My Biggest Fan an interview by Ava at Journey of Jordanna East

On Inspiration an interview by Christ Stocking

Charting Fresh Courses where I try to convince Sue Howe that she should join me at Swanwick.

What I Learnt From My 1st (and 2nd) Nanowrimo is an article I did for Bridget Whelan.

Nanowrimo Spotlight at The Kelworth Files.

My top 10 tips for finding Nano ideas at Jane Ayres blog The Beautiful Room

Read my NanoCreature interview at Finding My Creature

My article about prompts at Be The Writer You Dream of Being

My article about where to find ideas on the Faber website.

Interview at The Write Romantics blog where I talk about the RNA New Writers Scheme.

4 thoughts on “Blog Swaps & Guests

  1. Hi Vikki–Just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the “INSPIRING BLOG AWARD”
    The rules are as follows:
    1-Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog
    2-Post 7 things about yourself
    3-Nominate 10 to 15 other bloggers for this award
    4-Inform those people that you’ve nominated them, just as I am with you
    And above all, have fun. I’ve chosen you because I’ve been following your blog and it has been inspirational and very helpful. Keep it up and take care.
    *By the way-Like this idea above of blog swaps/guests, will have to visit their sites and check them out. 🙂


  2. Hi Vikki. I wondered if you’d be interested in writing a blog for me on the subject of attending writing courses? You seem to get a lot out of them and, as I’m one of those who is scared by the very idea, I can’t do it myself! I have a guest slot on Fridays, so let me know if you’d be interested.
    Thanks, Sue (the long and the short of it)


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