Insecure Writers Support Group Day – July 2014

Wow, where did that month go?








Today is IWSG Day…a HUGE thank you to the team over at Insecure Writers for all their hard work, month in month out 🙂 Please check out the web site, theres loads of useful stuff over there.

So how am i feeling insecure this month? *thinks* Wow, if i have to actually think about it it can’t be that bad can it? Actually, it can lol

I got off to a cracking start yesterday with the 100k Challenge, wrote 1014 words, the opening of the new novel….EXCITING…but not lol. I reread what i’d written and its crap lol. Its no secret that I’ve never been confident about my writing, but in the past I’ve written some pretty good openings, even if i do say so myself. The opening of the first novel, Still, was a scene where a man was committing suicide. The opening of the second novel,  But Not Forgotten was the main character finding her husband dead on the floor (i won’t count Sorrento Sunrise as that was a Mills & Boon so no real drama at the beginning). This one, Presence has the MC standing in front of a house *yawns* DAMN! Why can’t i come up with a bloody good opening image? 

Im also struggling with whether to do it in first person or third person. The 1000 words i wrote yesterday are in first person. Is that the problem? Ive always struggled with first person in the past. Perhaps its just not me, although most writers say its a lot easier. Perhaps i should rewrite that whole section in 3rd person? Or just come at the story from a different angle? Or a different MC? Or perhaps write a different novel? NOOOO, i won’t  be defeated! lol

But as it stands its just not working *slumps* Ok, back to the drawing board, I’m going in….wish me luck 😉

What tactics/methods do you use when something just isn’t working?

Insecure Writers Support Group Day – June 2014

Good morning Insecure Writers 🙂 Its that time of the month again and if you havent got a clue what I’m on about do check out the Insecure Writers web site.








This month i have been feeling very insecure about my writing. I ummed and arred about whether to take a Creative Writing course, and purchased yet more books on the subject.

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Insecure Writers Support Group Day – May 2014

Today is Insecure Writers Support Group Day, or affectionately known as IWSG for short. I haven’t taken part since December last year (WOW! Has it really been that long?).

If you don’t know what it is check out the link, but basically its one day every month where writers get to whinge and moan, give in to self pity, and share their insecurities with the world. As a member its then your job to visit other participants and offer hugs, support and encouragement.


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Insecure Writers Support Day -December 13


Today is IWSG Day, the last of 2013 and the only month I missed was November 😦

So what am I insecure about this month?…

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Insecure Writers Support Group October 2013


Huge thanks as ever to the wonderful Alex J Cavanaugh for hosting the group 🙂 I will try to get round as many of you as I can today.

Another month has absolutely flown by, but I don’t mind, I love autumn, when I can wrap up warm and drink endless amounts of hot chocolate. It also signifies the run up to Nanowrimo, and I’m excited this year because (1) I’ll be using Scrivener to write the whole thing and (2) I think I’m really going to enjoy writing this one 🙂

So what am I insecure about this month?

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Insecure Writers Support Group August 2013


Today is Insecure Writers Support Group day. A huge thank you to the wonderful Alex Cavanaughfor creating and hosting this monthly event. If you want to join, click the “Insecure Writers” tab above.

Ok, so where do I start? Well, at the moment I’m awaiting feedback on my first 2 novels *gulp*

The first chapter of all 3 versions of “Still” are with agent, Meg Davis who i’ll be having a one-on-one session with at Swanwick next week (more on Swanwick in Fridays post). I applied for the session back in February and last month I sent her my 6 thousand words. My question? Should I actually bother continuing with any of them, and if so, which one? Lol.

It’ll be interesting to hear her opinion, so I’ll let you know 🙂

My 2nd novel “Tangled” was sent to the RNA as part of the New Writers Scheme which offers feedback on manuscripts as part of the membership package. I sent 50,000 in first draft form (oh dear….it’s a mess I’m sure) off to them last month, but I don’t expect to hear anything for a good few weeks.

So at the moment I’m waiting on the feedback to both of those *bites finger nails*

I’m feeling a little bit nervous but not as much as I thought I would. I’m just convinced they’re both gunna say something like “good attempt Vikki, but, have you thought about trying crochet as a hobby?” He he he. Just like my Faber reading, I’m under no illusion that I’m the next E L James just waiting to be discovered. I’m happy to be a hobby writer, I think, and I’ve always fancied learning how to crochet 😉

Wish me luck I’ll keep you posted! And in the mean time, I’ll try not to think that this could be the death of my writing career before it started 😉

Insecure Writers Support Day – May 2013


Thanks, as always, to Alex Cavanaugh for hosting the group. Please go and check out the blogs listed who participate 🙂

So the A-Z Challenge for 2013 ended yesterday and I am absolutely exhausted! Lol…in a nice way of course 😉 I’ll be doing a reflection post in a couple of days….. I’ve tried to keep on top of all the comments, so if I’ve missed one I’ll apologise now.

It’s good to get back to normal, but what is normal? I’m afraid I’ll only be posting 3 days a week from now on. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I did have it in mind that I would have set days for set things, but, I’m not sure now, things might chop and change a bit 😉

The one thing that will be coming back is my Mondays To Do List….and that brings me on very nicely to this IWSG post. Since starting the A-Z challenge I have written virtually nothing…zilch! Yes, I know, these posts are writing but I mean fiction. Is it because I’ve not had a list to work to every week? Or is there more to it?

I submitted my Faber Synopsis and 1500 words for the Agent/Publishers event, but still have to decide what piece I’m going to read for the 2minute pitch. So no new words have been added to Still and I’ve got the deadline for the RNA New Writers Scheme looming. I feel like my heads spinning and at one stage I was seriously thinking about jacking it all in! Luckily, the words of a fellow NWS Member (thanks Jo) gave me the kick I needed, to stop wallowing in self pity and sort myself out.

And thats what i need to do…..SORT IT OUT! I think I’m just mentally worn out! Constant reworking/rewrites of the novel, trying to keep up with everything.

Sooooo, what I need right now is to gather my thoughts, make some decisions, and, actually, put my feet up for a while. Write for enjoyment, not because i have to, does that make sense? Somewhere along the way I’ve lost that. Now, it just seems like a chore 😦

So I’m taking a break. I’ll be gone for 2 weeks, well, just over, as that would mean I’d be back on my birthday lol….so we’ll say Monday the 20th. I’m hoping that taking a step back, reevaluating why i enjoy writing (or don’t) will mean that I’ll be back with a more positive attitude, or at least feeling refreshed 🙂

Take care you lot, I’ll try to keep up with your blogs if I can. I have about half a dozen awards to sort out so if you’ve given me one recently I promise I’ll sort that out when I return (I have them all part way started in my Drafts folder).

Have you ever got to the stage where writing has felt like a chore more than a pleasure? I’d be interested to hear your experiences and what you did to resolve it.