A Prompt A Day 2012

On the 1st January I started working with The Writers Book Of Days by Judy Reeves

The object of my challenge was to use the daily prompts to inspire a short story a day, but, to also make me write every day. It’s so easy to say you’re too busy or not in the mood….but you can always find 15 minutes 😉


January – I did pretty well in January. I managed to do every prompt (ok sometimes if I wasn’t feeling inspired I did 2 in one day lol) most of which were stand alone short stories. There were a few prompts that I just didn’t gel with so I decided not to be so hard on myself and just wrote “scenes” for those difficult ones. They can be turned into a short story at a later date if I want to 😉

February – A much more productive month. I kept up with my prompts, didn’t seem to get as behind as I did in January. Perhaps I’m getting into the swing of it lol. I managed to turn 4 of the short stories into pieces suitable to enter into competitions (and sent them off….GO ME!) so I’m pleased with that 🙂

March – A very up and down month to be honest. It’s funny how some prompts inspire me to write pages and pages, others, I’m lucky if I can get one side of a page in my notebook written lol. I’m still enjoying it, still keeping on top of it, but I’ve fallen way behind with copying the stories onto my Netbook. That’s what I need to do to edit them and turn them into completed stories. I’m finding that I’m coming away from dark stuff and heading down the romance route lol

April – Was touch and go I have to say 😦 Probably because of the A-Z Challenge, where I wrote 26 days worth of characterisations. I think I was mentally exhausted! So, although I managed to keep up with the prompts, I think the quality definitely went down hill lol.

May Was a slightly better month. I started working with more than 1 notebook so I now have a designated book just for prompts. Sometimes I fall behind by a couple of days, but I’m not so anal about it, and don’t worry too much. I know at some stage I’ll catch up 🙂

June A bit touch and go this month as I went to Jersey for a week. But I did manage to keep on top of them, and enjoyed writing, sitting on my balcony, looking out to sea…BLISS! 🙂

July I got a bit behind this month. I went to The Writers Holiday at Caerleon and ended up getting a few days behind. Then, when I returned home with an infection, I really didn’t feel like writing 😦 So I’ll be starting August 4 days behind…. I did, however, try to use the prompts for scenes to my pocket novel and to practice romance writing.

August I attended The Writers Summer School at Swanwick this month, and with lovely warm weather and a lake to sit by I managed to keep up with the daily prompts. I kind of went through a turning point. I was getting a bit fed up with the prompts to be honest, tired I guess. But then, this month I started becoming a bit more passionate about them again 🙂

September Was a funny month. I got behind a couple of times, but only by about 3 days each time. I’ve used a few of the prompts for my Mills & Boon novel, which has been great fun, but, I’m finding it hard to focus. Nothing to do with lack of time, just that I have so many other things I want to do lol. There just aren’t enough hours in the day lol. But, now that the calendars turned to October I can see the end in sight! 🙂

October Was probably my best month. I took myself out to coffee shops quite a bit which always helps. Yeah, a good month 🙂

November Nano month *slump* I was wondering how the hell I was going to keep up with it all. Write a 50,000 word novel AND do a prompt a day. It was hard work until I hit 20,000 words on Nano and my story was finished *panic* But rather than give up there and then I decided to use the prompts for short stories and loved it 🙂 I ended up with 55,000 Official Nano words, but that didn’t include 10 days of prompts I did as well, so gawd only knows what my word count for the month actually was 😉 Because of Nano I was doing the prompts on the laptop rather than handwriting them….hmmmmm, will need to think whether I should continue with that, I quite enjoyed it!

December Well, I did it! I think it got easier this month because I was relishing it more, knowing that I was nearing the end 😉

So pleased with myself! A whole year of writing prompts!

HUGE thanks to Judy Reeves for making it possible!

11 thoughts on “A Prompt A Day 2012

  1. If you ever run out of ideas, I post creative writing prompts on my blog too. Good luck with your challenge. I can only imagine it must be heard to write a different short story every single day.

    Keep smiling,


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  3. Vikki, I am so impressed that you committed to writing to each of the prompts in the book and delighted to hear you did it! Congratulations. And thank you for inviting my book to be part of your daily writer’s journey. Here’s to your new challenge. Thanks for keeping up posted.


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