No Longer A NaNoWRiMo Virgin!

I lost my virginity yesterday, my NaNoWRiMo virginity….. I first heard about it in 2004, when i became involved with BookCrossing, and every year since then i have thought about it, but never quite been able to pluck up the courage…until 2010.

So yesterday ilogged 2527 words and started my first novel. Im not sure at this stage whether it will progress past NaNo, the main reason behind my reluctance to take part before was because i never felt that my writing was good enough. Im trying to put that to the back of my mind at the moment, stop being so critical of myself.

Today i have logged 1842 words, so im holding my own, and although today was a struggle, im hoping the next couple of days will be easier…until i get to that point where i ask myself….how the hell am i gunna drag this out over 50,000 words? lol

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