Finally There?

Assignment 3

Spell check…..Done
Tense…..Altered where needed
Internal Monologue…..Added
Reflective Commentary…..Written
All typed up and ready to submit…..Nearly lol 😉

I just need to check it over one more time and then I can e mail it to my tutor 🙂

Yesterday, along with faffing about with my assignment I was also thinking about the complexity of Characters. What makes a good character? Well, if you think about people you know they’re all multi faceted, layered, and you only get to see what they want you to see… you ever really know someone?…….and why is that?

It’s all about the stuff we hide and why we hide it. Does such a thing as ‘an open book’ really exist? Or are they actually a dark horse? We hide sides of our personality that we are embarrassed about or uncomfortable with. We hide to control the way we’re perceived. We want to appear stronger, wiser, sexier, more successful, younger or more mature than we really are. So what do people hide? What would a person spend a lifetime concealing? What would a person take to their grave without ever revealing? What secrets do people keep?

No person is all good…..

No person is all bad…..

…..our fictional characters should be just like real people. Not only do they have to get up and go to work, put the rubbish out or feed the cat, they, like us, have layered personalities, issues and secrets.

Wouldn’t fiction, and life, be dull, if we didn’t? 😉

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