Comparing Is Never Good

You should never compare your writing to someone else’s, that’s a given…..but when you see the work of others who are doing the same course as you, you can’t help it can you 😦 So yesterday I found myself totally disillusioned and self critical, to the point where I just about managed to finish my character work, but that was it lol

I will pick myself back up… have to don’t you 🙂

Today I’m going to see a play…… 3 Days In May It’s probably not my normal sort of thing, but, as hubby gets dragged along I thought it might interest him from the story point of view. For me, having recently done some work on my course regarding play writing, I’ll be there to analyse 😉 So I’ll enjoy it no matter what!

I joined Mslexia a couple of days ago and noticed they are running a short story competition. I really must pull my finger out in the New Year. I said, just after returning from Swanwick last year, that I was determined to go back in 2012 with something published. So I think I will try my hand at the Mslexia competition 🙂

My problem is, I have so many ideas, so many stories written in rough 1st draft form, but I never get any further with them lol…… They just seem to stay in rough form and then I’m moving onto the next lol.

I treated myself to a Mslexia diary… it! 🙂


So won’t be getting any writing done today, but I will be taking my notebook 😉

3 thoughts on “Comparing Is Never Good

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