Spent most of yesterday researching style. Now, I’m not completely stupid, I know there are different styles of writing, it’s just my own I can’t identify lol

Unfortunately I got distracted quite a bit with the arrival of my first Copy of the Mslexia magazine….and all I can say is wow what a great resource!!!! I’ve read it cover to cover!!!!! There’s a huge section at the back that lists competitions…..gunna try my hand at a couple, you never know……and i never will unless i submit something 😉

Very interesting article entitled “The Case for 4×4 Fiction” all about publishers not being interested in publishing stories that are about the middle classes…..oh dear, that’s definitely my stuff out the window then lol. Both of my Nano novels are about middle class families, set in suburbia. Apparently, if I change my stories, so that they’re about poverty stricken people I’ve got a much better chance of publication lol

My Amazon wish list took a pounding….. After reading said article I managed to add another half a dozen books lol

Today’s task, (in between the washing machine repair man, a friend popping in for coffee and baking lol) is the next exercise on the course, regarding my “audience”….. Who is the invisible reader at my shoulder when I write? I’m pretty sure I write what I like to read (which I’ve now discovered I have no chance in hell of getting published lol).

Sooooo, my audience? 40 something housewife who likes to read about other peoples lives, so she can believe that others are having a shittier time than she is LMAO 😉

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