Where Do The Hours Go?

Last Christmas hubby bought me a book…….this book >>>>>>>>


I have an enormous Amazon wish list and every year he picks some off the list and buys them for me 🙂 Soooo, last Christmas I had this one (amongst many others lol). At the time I just kinda flicked through it. Picked it up again in the summer, and had another flick……Fast forward to October and I came across it again, only this time, I made a diary entry on my phone instructing my future self to start this book on January 1st 2012

Judy Reeves has a great web site. So much stuff to read and I’m really excited about working with the book next year 🙂 I’m just so gutted I don’t live in San Diego *pouts*

So yes, thanks for that Judy……your web site is a complete time suck lol 😉 I should have been working on my 3000 word short story, I should have been writing my “action” piece for my course. But instead, all I’ve done is read Judy’s web site.

No, tell a lie…..i did make some notes on basic plots. The common ones that crop up all the time. You know, like Quest, Rags To Riches, Voyage, Rebirth, Revenge, etc etc. I’ve managed to compile a list of 25……I wonder if I could write a short story for each one? Hmmmmm…….

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