Moving Along……Fowler

Fowlers Usage & Abusage……never heard of it! Lol

Ahhhhhhh that Fowler lol.

Ok, so Fowler had this idea that basically boils down to the fact that you should keep it simple, don’t overuse words and phrases. So if you want to say that “Tom walked into town” you say just that. Not “Tom preambulated into the municipality” lol….. yeah, I can live with that 🙂

When I went through some of my own writing with Fowlers list In front of me I realised that my natural style is simple. I don’t try to overcomplicate things. I say what I want to say, as I speak, so if I wouldn’t use the word ‘ghastly’ in real life, you sure won’t find it in my narration of a story (although you might find it in dialogue….depending on the character).

So that’s another part of the course done 🙂 I’m now moving on to the next section, Language *groan*. My punctuation is shite, my grammar and syntax, hopeless…..I can’t even write a whole story staying in the same tense! Lol…..So, yes, I am a little bit anxious about this next few exercises.

In 1996 I decided (don’t ask me why lol) to do a GCSE in Englsh….. I got a C lol….. But only because 1) my oral test was apparently first class (I can talk proppa sometimes you know) and 2) my coursework essays were good (ie non fiction, one about comparing modern adaptations of Mary Shelleys Frankenstein to the original and the other about how society’s opinion has changed so much towards women). which means I did appallingly in the actual exam *snigger*

Remind me again exactly why I’m on a creative writing course? Lol

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