It’s 2012!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!


OMFG….it’s 2012…..can you believe it?

We had a quiet New Years Eve….decided not to go anywhere this year. We’ve done the fireworks up London, the parties, even went away to a posh hotel last year….so it was kinda nice to just snuggle on the sofa with a glass of bubbly 🙂

I had a bad dream the night before last, so I spent much of yesterday mulling it over and turning it into a story idea lol. Not sure hubby would find it amusing though….. What if, on a normal weekday morning you woke to find your hubby/wife wasn’t in bed next to you. That they’d completely disappeared? Some clothes were gone, along with their passport, some money you’d been stashing and a few personal effects. They weren’t answering their mobile, their car was gone and they didn’t arrive for work? Hmmmmmm…..I have an idea for what has happened in that scenario, but I’ll stop there 😉

I don’t often have dreams, only usually nightmares, but I’m beginning to get into the habit of writing them down and seeing how I can turn them into stories 🙂

Today, I will be starting The Writers Book of Days……and the first prompt is:

things that enter by way of silence (after Mark Strand) …who? Ahhhhh, the poet Mark Strand

Interesting…….will mull it over with a cup of tea before I put pen to paper 😉

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