More Choice…..

…..means the harder it is to choose lol. Well, that’s what I discovered yesterday when I was still sitting there at lunch time not having a clue what to write for the someone cheated prompt lol. I finally had a brain wave and managed to write a short story….phew 😉

Yesterday was the first day of normality…..hubby went back to work…..the house was so quiet. It felt odd. The diet starts on Saturday, the house cleaning starts on Monday, so I really should take the opportunity to put my feet up and eat chocolate shouldn’t I? He he he

Stumbled across this website today. Well, I say stumbled, it was actually a link on another blog I read 😉 Anyway, looks interesting…. One to keep an eye on me thinks 😉

Sent my cheque off yesterday, so i guess I’m now officially enrolled with The Write Place where you will find me on Wednesday evenings from now on 🙂 Really looking forward to my first session next week. I’m going to go to the later sessions, as I think they will be more beneficial to me, where my writing is, at the moment.

I did think that I was a ‘novel’ writing person. But, the more I practice writing short stories, the easier I’m finding it, and the more enjoyable its becoming. Unfortunately, at the moment, most of them seem to be under 500 words. I guess that’s ‘flash fiction’ then isn’t it? Is there a market for that? Most magazines seems to want around the 2000 word mark.

Today’s prompt is write about the passing of hours and, through word association, what sprang to mind was Michael Cunningham and Mrs Dalloway lol 😉 I went to see Cunningham at The Southbank Centre in the summer. He was doing a talk as part of their Literary Festival….lovely man 🙂

To round off, I have a quote from Roddy Doyle……”Regard every new page as a small triumph”

I do try to 😉

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