The Dolls House

I received a Blog update from a Blog I follow yesterday that asked “What is your favourite part about writing?” I didn’t really even have to think about my reply…..creating characters 🙂

It suddenly struck me that the reason I enjoy that side of writing so much goes back to my child hood, and my love of dolls houses lol. I would spend hours arranging the dolls, creating little scenes for them, and imagining their lives. I had 2 Lundby houses by the time I was 10, which started a lifelong passion 🙂 Over the years, I’ve had quite a few houses, but finding space for them is always a problem. At the moment, I have one in the garage awaiting assembly lol

For me, creating characters, and their lives is akin to playing with dolls in a dolls house, and that’s why I love it! 🙂

Yesterday I managed to get up to date with my prompts. The shade tree prompted a story of a young couple sitting under a tree, discussing their forthcoming patter of tiny feet. Only it turns out that it will be the patter of six feet. Driving the coast road ended up as another ghost story (I’m sorry, I’ve kinda got ghost stories on my mind at the moment lol) where a man runs down a girl late at night on the road, or rather he thinks he does 😉 Yesterday’s prompt started out quite well but I ran out of steam with the idea of a woman who was being whispered about, so it had no ending lol.

Today’s prompt is you’re watching someone sleep but I’ve got to make a start on my OCA coursework…..busy day ahead 😉

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