Story Boards

Yesterday I tried my hand at using a story board to plan a story. I have a 300 word piece of flash fiction that I need to turn into a 2000 word short story.

The story board template I’m using (which I found on a Google image search) splits the story into 6 scenes. The 300 words I already have is basically 1 scene (but i can split it into 2) so I have to come up with another 4 lol. The problem is, what I have written so far puts my character into a particular situation, so now I have to come up with a reason as to why she’s there in the first place…..

…..and I’m struggling…… Perhaps this isn’t the right story to extend?

I’m trying to kill multiple birds again (not literally, obviously!) as my next part of the course is to use a method for plotting that I don’t usually use (the story board) and The Write Place homework is a short story to enter in a competition.

So, is it really the story, or the method that’s letting me down? Lol.

Yesterday’s prompt about bad blood ended up being a 1st person POV about a serial killer *snigger* and today’s prompt is eating out and as I do a lot of that I should find it pretty easy shouldn’t I 😉

2 thoughts on “Story Boards

  1. Hey fellow write campaigner! And short story writer! We’re both in the short story group so wanted to stop by and see your blog!

    Interesting that you outline your short/flash fiction. Outside of short stories that expand to 5000+ words I tend to just let it flow. I’m working on a collection so there’s more outlining involved there but sometimes it’s good to just write and see where the words lead you once you’re in “the zone” and such. But, we all have our own methods and I hope you don’t let the frustration block you from the process itself.

    Happy writing!


  2. Hi there 🙂

    I’m not too sure what I’ve got myself into to be honest lol

    That’s the thing hon, I don’t usually outline, but for part of my creative writing course I had to…..and hated it lol.

    5000 words isn’t a short story, it’s a novella! Lol 😉 my maximum is usually 2000 but I prefer 1000

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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