Writing Tips

I’m always fascinated by tips that fellow authors give. Yesterday, I stumbled across some tips from David Ogilvy and yes, I know he wasn’t an author…..but, they’re still good tips 🙂

Write the way you talk, naturally
Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs
Never use jargon words judgmentally. They are hallmarks of a pretentious ass
Never send a letter or memo on the day you write it. Read it aloud the next morning-and then edit it.

Now these tips are referring to business writing, but, as far as I’m concerned they could just as easily be adapted to fiction.

It was Valentines day yesterday so hubby took me out or a lovely meal. I didn’t think it was appropriate to take my notebook lol…..but I especially liked the comment I overheard from the guy answering the phone. Someone was ringing to get a table and was told it was Valentines day. The caller obviously wanted a table for one as he was asked “can you not find someone to be your stand in wife?”…..hmmmm….there’s definitely a story there 😉

Oh, I was talking about films as inspiration the other day wasn’t I? Well, author and screenwriting tutor, Brad Geagley has put on his blog his list of essential films all of which have extremely strong stories. Out of the 84 film listed, I’ve seen 23…..that’s not great really is it. Think I need to raise my viewing standards 😉

Watch films, read, write, learn…..there just aren’t enough hours in the day lol

I didn’t do very well with yesterday’s prompt as I was faffing about making myself gorgeous for my meal out. But I did start it, a romance set in a library lol….don’t ask me why a library, I just couldn’t think of anywhere else where it would be inappropriate to whistle lol. Today’s prompt is write about animal dreams and I’m a bit apprehensive to say the least lol

9 thoughts on “Writing Tips

    • To you too hon 🙂

      At the moment I’m using A Writers Book of Days by Judy Reeves which I can HIGHLY recommend. 365 prompts plus articles and tips….brilliant! My goal on Jan 1st was/is to work my way through the whole book 😉



  1. Stand in wife… that’s a prompt all on its own. I could have lots of fun with that. Animal dreams? Tough one. Dreams with animals in them? Or dreams by animals? Yep, tough. Good luck with it.


  2. Hi There – I’m popping in from the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. I’m in your Short Stories Group. Looking forward to reading your campaign posts! 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing those tips, Vikki. I’ve heard something similar before, and while I do agree that our writing voice should be comparative to our speaking voice, as you can see my sentences tend to be loooong, drawn out, containing at least one ‘and’ and probably a ‘but,’ too 🙂

    Animal dreams?! My goodness, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    • Hi Cara 🙂

      I do tend to write how I speak which I guess is my style….I’ve agonised over it a lot, but, I’m coming to terms with it lol

      It’s now 11pm and I’m still staring at a blank page regarding the animal dream prompt. I think I’ll mull it over in my sleep and do it tomorrow 😉



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