Examples of Bad Writing?

Came across this list a couple of days ago…. The Bulwer Lytton Competition is a comp for bad writing. The winner is the person who comes up with the worst opening. I didn’t think some of them were too bad lol.

On my course at the moment I’m studying beginnings, middles and ends. I can’t make up my mind whether starting with dialogue is better than starting with a sense of place. Surely, the best opening sentence is one that makes your reader want to continue….full stop. It has to prick their interest….and even some of those bad ones I was intrigued about 😉

I was tagged again by Stacey through the Writers Platform-Building Campaign but I won’t be passing this one on….otherwise we’ll all end up being tagged about 20 times lol

Stacey asked me…..

1. Coffee or tea?
Tea mainly, but, I’m very partial to a Costa Latte 😉

2. Early bird or night owl?
Both lol….I tend to stay up late, and I tend to have a problem sleeping more than about 5 hours. My favourite part of the day is sunrise 🙂

3. If you could speak another language, what would it be?
Has to be Italian! I love the country, the food, the way they talk. My great grandparents were Italian and part of a Trapeze Troup lol.

4. What’s you favourite book and why?
My favourite all time book is Wuthering Heights. What can I say, I’m a romantic at heart.

5. Sweet or savoury?
My husband says my eyes light up when we go out or a meal and I’m given the dessert menu, so it has to be sweet lol.

6. Paper book or eBook?
Paper, definitely!!!!! I love real books, I have thousands lol.

7. Least favourite subject at school?
Anything physical, ie PE/games. I’ve never been sporty by any stretch of the imagination.

8. Do you have any strange habits?
Strange? Hmmmm…..what’s strange? Ok, I’m not OCD or anything like that, but, when I’m in the car and I have the stereo on I have to have the volume set at an even number *snigger* Please don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue 😉

9. One place in the world you would love to visit?
There are loads…..too numerous to name lol…..I haven’t even see all the places I want to see in my own country yet lol

10. If you could choose a superpower what would it be?
To hear what people are thinking….dangerous I know, but at least you’d know where you stood 😉

11. Favourite smell?
Rose, creosote and paraffin….not necessarily in that order….my favourite perfume is CoCo by Chanel….I also really like the smell of coconut.

This tagging business reminds me of the Meme’s I use to do on LiveJournal lol

I managed to do some work on my course yesterday and before I knew it I think I found myself writing a romance lol. Read all about Diana and her key here. I don’t think I’ll ever run with it as a real story, if you know what I mean. It was just an exercise. Quite enjoyed it though. I’m kind if thinking along the lines that perhaps she never told Gino she was pregnant and perhaps she ends up back in Italy trying to find her son, who in turn is trying to find his father…..hmmmm….could work. My next Nano? Lol…..of course, I’d have to spend lots of time in Italy…..research darling, research 😉

It just goes to show you that by being given an item that you have to pair with a character, how a huge story can then grow out of that. Perhaps I could use it as the basis for my pocket novel when I do Sally Quilford’s workshop next week. I’m not so use to writing lighthearted stuff, but, if I want to submit any stories to the women’s magazines I really should make an effort not to be so dark lol

I’ve also posted some endings on my other blog…..hmmmm….I think they really sum up what I was saying about my writing being quite dark LMAO! 😦

Yesterday’s prompt wasn’t exactly inspiring anything lighthearted, so it ended up being about a woman in a graveyard, who meets a young boy, his eyes are the colour of a crows wing. Today’s prompt is write about picking fruit but I’m off up to London today, so who knows when it will get done lol

Am loving this cartoon I saw on FaceBook 🙂


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