Do I Really Need To Plan?


This is Joseph Heller’s writing plan for Catch 22 (curtesy of where you can find other examples) and I admit, I am absolutely in awe!

I’m not really a planner, but I can see the merits in making sure you have an ending.

My retreat yesterday went well, but I only managed 4 of the prompts. I got too carried away with one of them (whoops), but I did enjoy it 🙂

So now I have another 4 short stories, or rather starts of a short story. So yeah, I think I better start thinking about endings. I hate having so many unfinished pieces 😦

A great article on Writability is definitely worth a read 🙂

Sooo, are you a plotter? Or do you fly by the seat of your pants?

Yesterday’s daily prompt about memory inspired a story about a guy who’d lost his memory. Tomorrow’s prompt is a lie someone told you which might be difficult lol.

13 thoughts on “Do I Really Need To Plan?

  1. Short stories almost no plotting unless suddenly inspired with an idea and a need to note it down. Longer stuff, I like to plan around 70-80% with the rest open to see what happens. I think I would waste too much time without the plotting.


  2. I do in-depth back story notes for my protags and a scene outline before I begin writing. The outline consists of two sentences for each scene–what happens and what’s the outcome. This bare bones approach leaves plenty of room for creative surprises from my characters.


  3. A little bit of both. For my first novel, I planned everything and drove myself nuts every time I made a change. For my second novel, I planned the basic layout and then fly by the seat of my pants every time I sit down to work on it. 😉


  4. I often try to plot, but mostly I just write and see what happens. Sometimes I just draw a line across a page and put a couple of things onto it and can’t think of anything else, but then another day when I’m just going about my business a scene will play out in my head and I’ll plot it on the line with the other stuff. But mostly things just happen as the characters decide to tell me.


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