In The Beginning…and Another Blog Award

I’ve been thinking about beginnings, as i sit at my dining room table typing up a few more stories from my notebook. Openings of stories have to grab the reader don’t they (or the judge/editor if its a short story). So what’s the best way to do that?

Start with something happening right at the start? In the first sentence? Or with dialogue? What’s the best hook?

“I need sex every day luv,’ said Denise, the vicar’s wife.” – Fat Girls & Fairy Cakes by Sue Watson, which definitely piqued my interest lol.

And then there’s “They said I was a drug addict. I found that hard to come to terms with – I was a middle-class, convent-educated girl whose drug use was strictly recreational. And surely drug addicts were thinner?” – Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes.

“I stitch memories. That’s what I do. Not mine, other peoples.” Is the opening to Linda Gillard’s Untying The Knot…..very intriguing.

Or what about “Dear princessdianasnumber1fan. Your item will be dispatched shortly, please allow 3-7 business days for delivery!!!” From Carolines Smailes 99 Reasons Why. I bet that one has you wondering and slightly amused 😉

Personally, I think i must favour dialogue. I like to be plunged straight into the action and i’d say about 80% of my beginnings are dialogue (or within the first sentence).

Do you tend to start all your stories a similar way?

So now I feel I’m on track with beginnings, sort of comfortable in knowing what I’m doing (ha ha ha) what about endings? *gulp* Yeah, I’ll worry about those later 😉

The lovely Rebecca has nominated me for The Candle Lighter Award & One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much honey 🙂


Yesterdays  prompt about getting undressed turned into a peeping Tom type story lol. Todays prompt is write the horizon at dusk which sounds a bit odd but hey, I’m game 😉

10 thoughts on “In The Beginning…and Another Blog Award

  1. Good morning Vikki, thankyou so much for signing up as a follower of my Book Review Blog. I am so glad you did as now I have discovered your blog, i did not even know you wrote one, shame on me. 🙂


  2. WIth so much media and forms of entertainment out there, gluing people to a blog, a book of short stories or a novel is becoming an art itself. You have to able to grip them, perhaps coax them with a shocking, inspirational, witty, introspective sentence or string of sentences to continue reading and find the identity of your work.

    You’re competing with TV, social media and all of the internet. It’s all about working with what you’ve got.


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