L is for…..

Liam, who has been removed because I want to use him for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦


A-Z Challenge

I think Liam’s story is so sad, and probably true of so many of the homeless in London.So where do we go from here? Do I give him a happy ending? I’d like to think that his girlfriend and parents are looking for him. He wasn’t speeding, it was a horrible accident and in his absence he has been exonerated of all charges. A witness came forward to say there was nothing he could have done. But even knowing that, would the guilt still be too much to live with?

I had a writing session this morning with Elizabeth Haynes which resulted in the completion of a 2600 word short story and I got the last 2 prompts done that I’d got behind with. Todays prompt is write about a passing sorrow so that’s more doom and gloom lol

16 thoughts on “L is for…..

  1. That is a soul destroying story. So so sad as it is so realistic. It would help, knowing that he has been exonerated in the eyes of the law but I think the guilt would always be there. It would have to be a case of learning how to cope with it and perhaps a one to one with the parents, no matter what the pain!!!! Xxx


  2. It depends on how you’d like to leave the reader feeling at the end of the story and whether your story will be one of redemption or how one little turn of the rudder can destroy a life. Loved the name Liam, BTW. :).


  3. The story is great. I like the idea of having him save someone. And I like the idea of having his mother and sister come looking for him. But it would be nice to see that even his mother and sister cannot save him. Liam is an unfortunate victim of circumstance, and I would like to see him overcome his circumstances from within, rather than having his mother and sister drag him out — although they could be the catalyst for his emergence. Very nice Vikki.

    Btw, you have been added to my Blogroll. Keep up the good work.


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