N is for…..

Nick, who has been removed because I want to use him for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦


A-Z Challenge

Hmmmmm, Nick, a nice bloke, but husband material? No way lol. How do you see him ending up? A very lonely middle aged man? Landing the perfect job, working for a travel show? Going to the US and breaking his ex’s heart?

I’ve caught up with my prompts πŸ™‚ The passing sorrow ended up being about a woman who’s husband had died (don’t know how yet) and she decides to go to stay with her aunt for a while. Not sure what’s going to happen there lol. The history of whispers turned into the start of a story about a girl who finds out her parents found her as a baby abandoned in a bus shelter, and yesterday’s prompt which was about being on the edge prompted the start of a story about an old lady who robs a bank *snigger* πŸ™‚ Tomorrow’s prompt is it’s who you met at a party. that sounds like it could be fun!

21 thoughts on “N is for…..

  1. I don’t think that he’s going to end up alone. I feel like all the traveling is going to make him want to settle down after a few more years of living like a vagabond. Great job!


  2. Nick sort of reminds me of me lol. We travellers need to get that wanderlust out of our system before settling down. Which will probably happen eventually. Maybe he will meet someone that also enjoys living a life of change. A job in traveling would suit him well.

    Great character sketch!


  3. Great character, one that we might say,
    “wish I had the guts”. When he settles down he will have plenty of stories to tell the kids! Xxx


  4. Stories of the great adventure of the way it was, now he’s married and works hard at two jobs, his nights now our only to dream of the great adventure he once had..Good job.


  5. I want to know what he does with all the photographs. Do they adorn the walls of his house in the suburbs, now that the girl in New York has finally confessed her true feelings for him?
    Great sketch! It raises a lot of questions.


  6. I love Nick! πŸ™‚ That love of adventure and freedom is something I hold close to my soul. Life is too short to sit at home all the time!

    Nice may not be husband material, but he sounds like he’s a devoted friend and a man in need of a woman who will accept him for who he is and won’t expect anything but a grand adventure.


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