W is for…..

Wendy, who has been removed because I want to use her for my Nano 2012 novel.

Sorry you missed it 😦

A-Z Challenge

So Wendy seems happy enough, but is she? Really? I’m thinking that she could start her own business, selling her berets? Orrrr….. She starts seeing her boss again and Clare finds out and turns psycho? Or perhaps she does enter one of those talent shows and completely changes her life? So many options with this one 🙂

I spent most of yesterday getting up to date with my prompts. The one I liked the most was That Sunday afternoon which ended up being about a guy who bumped into a girl in a coffee shop. She then gets her boyfriend to beat him up 😦 I know, I know, but that’s how easily it can happen. You only need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time *shivers*

10 thoughts on “W is for…..

  1. Wendy has a lot going on. Id actually love to read a story with her in it to discover how she’d evolve. She’s been the one I’ve found the most interesting so far.

    She got her boyfriend to beat him up because he accidentally bumped into her? Psycho! Lol.


  2. Thanks hon 🙂

    Yeah, Wendy has a lot of scope.

    Lol….the crazy thing is, I use to work in a shop, and the couple who lived above we’re a bit like that. The woman was a lunatic….I watched one day in horror because someone had parked in her parking space. She went to get her boyfriend and he attacked the guys car!!!!!!



  3. Vikki, you are very talented creating new characters and I believe you’ve done a great job with the A-Z challenge! I know you’ll keep it up!
    I’m trying to keep up because I enjoy your blog so much.
    There almost seems to be a disconnect between some of your stay-at-home moms and their children. That alone is interesting area to explore. Wendy knows what it is like for a child to be a “pawn” in a divorce–which is one of the things I’ve recently covered–and how could life affect Alice, also?


    • Awwwwww, thank you so much honey 🙂

      That’s a good point hon, I used to think that people who had been through the break up of a family, would, try their upmost not to have the same thing happen to their children. But, I now know that people can be quite selfish when it comes to situations like that *deep sigh*



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