This Weeks Goals 7-13th May

I started working with daily goals last week, and I have to say I failed miserably. So this week I’m going to try working to a weekly list 🙂

So what’s on the agenda this week?…..

My aim this week is to have the whole of my WIP spellchecked, set out properly and printed off for the next stage of editing (from 1 to 5). I’ve decided not to write any more short stories for the time being, I’m determined to get this novel into some kind of finished state before I start the next one in November.

Sooooo, the to do list with the novel is:

1. Finish the spell check (and do it again incase there’s something I’ve missed).
2. Check that’s it’s set out correctly (ie paragraphing and indenting dialogue).
3. Check punctuation (I have a tendency to forget all about it during dialogue).
4. Change tense where needed (one of my worst habits, I tend to flit between past and present during a longer piece lol).
5. Print off to start the re-write (I’ve decided to change a few things quite considerably).
6. Do the research needed.
7. Write the ending (GULP).
8. Write a synopsis.
9. Decide who to pick on as Beta readers lol (edited to add: Think of questions to ask Beta readers)
10. Think about what to do with it next (depending on Beta readers comments, I could be starting back at number 1 lol).

So, any advice? Is there anything I’ve missed?

For your viewing pleasure, these are my piles of “working” writing stuff on my dining room table lol

It was only 2 piles until I decided to start all those extra notebooks lol

So, I’m hoping, that sharing my plans for the week with you guys will mean that I’ll stick to them. You have my permission to beat me with a large stick if I post next Monday that I failed 😉

What are you writing plans for the week? Do I need to find a large stick to use on you? 😉

24 thoughts on “This Weeks Goals 7-13th May

  1. That is a great list for the week! 🙂 Exciting that you will be finishing the ending.

    My goal is to review my ms and send it back to the editor by tomorrow night, then get at least half way through editing my third book.


  2. Good luck with your list for this week! I’m doing my 7 days to getting my blog groove back challenge so I’ll be posting every day. And yes, please feel free to use the large stick on me if I don’t deliver! 🙂 xx


  3. This seems a good place to start.

    I plan to continue a short story I have been working on, but I have some other work commitments so I will have to see how that goes.


  4. I definitely found that my “home worker’s resolutions” were easier to follow once I’d made them public – and the 5 things you have on your list for the week seem doable to me. Good luck!


  5. Good luck getting it done! I was cleaning today and took out a printed copy of my WIP to put with the one my friend critiqued. I made a few notes and got rid of the first and last page. That was as far as I got. My fear is irrational, I know, but I’m hesitant to edit.


  6. Sounds like you have got your work cut out for you, however I do like your thinking, might try that myself. Don’t beat yourself too much as long as you’ve attempted at least one, you can see it as the start of success xxx


  7. If you ever want another pair of eyes regarding spelling, punctuation etc feel free to chuck stuff my way! Ex proof-reader here, who’s admiring the way you’re getting on with all this and wanting to bathe in the reflected glory of knowing an author 😉


  8. I am determined to edit the first 100 pages of my manuscript this week. Consider adding “write questions for beta readers to think about” to your list. It is helpful to know what the author is concerned about when reading.


  9. I love goals, and am impressed with your list! My suggestion would be not to obsess too much over the finer points of spelling though, because it is possible that some of those sections you’ve worked so hard on might be edited out later.
    At least, that’s what I’ve found in my own revision. 🙂
    I’m going to shoot for editing three scenes this week. I could possibly get more done, but I don’t know what lurks in those pages of mine, so I’ll give myself some latitude there.
    Don’t want to get frustrated, you know?
    Good luck with your edits!


  10. Vikki, thanks again for stopping by – to answer your question – sure, bring out the stick if it’s imaginary, I can use all of the loving pressure I can get. 🙂

    You are jealous of my journals? Odd that I don’t dive into them. Afraid I’ll let the magic Jeannie out maybe?

    Before we moved a year ago, I did enjoy reading some of the Jr High journals…fun stuff.

    Again, good to meet you. ~ Kate


    • Hi Kate 🙂

      Oh you should definitely dive into your journals….but, I can imagine that could be quite emotional. I had a really bad year in 2008 and had kept a journal throughout. At the end of the year I tore all the pages out and burnt them. I couldn’t bear having them on the shelf, reminding me, any longer. Sometimes I regret that decision, but, I don’t think I would have ever been able to read them again 😦

      Good to meet you too honey 🙂



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