For Sale

So now we’ve all recovered, finished doing our Ernest Hemingway impressions, it’s back to normality *picks party streamer out of her hair* πŸ™‚

Today’s picture was taken in Rochester. At the time I was doing a treasure hunt on Flickr. You were given a list each week, and you had to take photos for each item on the list. It was great fun, actually, I’m not quite sure why I stopped.

Anyway, this one was for the clue “For Sale”


Lots of scope there, but sometimes that makes it harder, don’t you think?

So what story does this image conjure up? I’ll share what I’ve written in my notebook tomorrow πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “For Sale

  1. I had so many scenarios pop into my head. Can I get back to you on this? Maybe post it on my site when I pin something down?


  2. One day Hazel didn’t come home. She left with her shopping bag and key, but the door is still locked and she remains missing. Within hours everyone on the block felt her absence because the petite old woman was the neighborhood Mom. She made soup for people who sick or invited the lonely in for tea. For months, they took turn watering the ferns on the window sill of her flat, always hoping she’d return. The didn’t give up until the For Sale sign told them she was never coming back.


  3. You always find the most amazing and interesting things to do. I’m on Flickr but never saw that topic. Love the photo. Look forward to tomorrows story xx


  4. Placing her hand on her belly protectively, Rachel gazed at the room that would make an ideal nursery. In her head, Rachel had already pictured a pink cot, with a mobile hanging over it. A rocking chair, for sitting and nursing on the long nights she knew were to come. She stepped over to look down again on the garden, just right for a toddler to explore.

    Sadly she let herself out of the front door and delivered the key to the estate agent. With Charles gone, she could not afford to keep the house.
    β€œIt’s just us now, baby.”

    Please note – 100 words exactly! Ok, you’ve convinced me, what’s this prompts book you rave about? πŸ˜‰


  5. A dead body Im afraid! A woman had been previously found with just a bracelet on her wrist and a bottle of pills next to her (ie pics from the post the other day) Did she commit suicide or was it murder? Detective Inspector Jackson Green can’t get it out of his head, he believes it is murder. Jackson is currently looking to buy a house and decides to buy it. Hoping that more clues will emerge.


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