Is My Writing Improving? Part 1

Since the first of January I have been using The Writers Book Of Days by Judy Reeves to encourage me to write every day. It’s been hard at times, to the point where I’ve wanted to give up, but I haven’t, and I’m determined to see it through until the 31st of December.

As I’m kind of half way in the book (and because Judy provides a checklist), I thought I’d do the exercise How Can I Tell If My Writing Is Improving here on my blog 🙂

Soooo, after 6 months of daily prompts, let’s see shall we…..This is part 1….part 2 will follow 🙂

1. Do I easily fall into writing from the prompt and begin writing without hesitation (not stopping to think or consider & keeping the pen moving)?
Hmmmm, no, not all the time, but, that really depends on whether I find the prompt inspiring or not. Some of them I could write for hours, others, I just about manage a page. But either way, I find it easy to start now 🙂 There are very few times that I actually hesitate.

2. Do I stay with the image inspired by the prompt long enough to explore it, rather than verging off in all directions that go nowhere or jumping from one point to the next? Am I a more patient writer?
Oh definitely a resounding yes! But, I’ve often had to stop mid flow because of time constraints 😦

3. Are my verbs lively and diverse?
Hmmmmm…..i think so lol. But I’ll have to re-read the first month or so’s prompts to compare.

4. Are my images fresh?
Again, I think so, I’m definitely more aware of imagery than I was say 8 months ago. A lot of that has to do with watching films. I never really saw them as anything other than a story on the screen. But now, I’m more aware of what is actually being portrayed. The emotion on people’s faces and the atmosphere.

5. Do I write with fewer cliched words and images?
Ummmm….*blush* nope lol. I do love a cliche lol. I must get out of the habit 😦

6. Do my sentences vary in length and structure?
Yes, this is definitely something I am more aware of 🙂

7. Do I write more naturally, with less self consciousness?
OMG yes! I don’t even think about how crap something is anymore, because all practice is good. I don’t over analyse anymore 🙂

8. Adverbs have all but disappeared from my writing?
Ummmm, nope lol. I’m finding this really hard to be honest 😦

9. Is my writing truthful and honest, am I holding back?
Yes, it’s truthful and honest to a point, but, there are certain things I hold back on definitely. I don’t think that will ever change. There are events in my life that are too painful to write about, maybe one day they won’t be 😉

10. Am I including more detail?
Yes, definitely. I’m more aware of all my senses now 🙂 I love adding tiny little details to things, it makes my writing much more interesting!

Hmmmmm, so there are a couple of things I still need to work on, mainly Verbs and Adverbs. I have to admit, I keep getting the two confused lol *blush*. It’s the technical side of writing that I don’t enjoy 😦 I didn’t pay much attention in my English classes….I wish I had now lol

My husband reads all my prompts and the other day, he said he could see a definite improvement, so I’ll take his word for that lol 🙂

So how are you with Verbs and Adverbs? Or am I alone in not always being aware of them? Lol. Is it really that important in the scheme of things?

17 thoughts on “Is My Writing Improving? Part 1

  1. Verbs, adverbs, what are they ? Lol when I write I just go for it, sometimes not even worrying about what I write, lol but like you, my husband reads everything first, and in his primary school teacher mode he shakes his head and sends me back to make improvements (Sam could do better) sounds like my school report lol but I agree the more we write the more we improve 🙂 x


  2. I’m so relieved that I’m not on my own with verbs, adverbs and the technical side of writing. All I know is I love writing. I’ve just recently bought a book by Jane Cooper called 365 Ways To Get You Writing which sounds similar to the one you are using. This book uses daily prompts too. What I don’t like about it is there’s no kind of feedback to let you know whether you’re on the right track. Thanks for the honesty in the post Vikki. Such a help. 🙂


    • I think there are loads of writers that don’t understand all the technical side, they just won’t admit it *sniiger* It’s like there’s a stigma attached to it 😦

      Oh wow, that’s spooky!!!! I just bought that same book on Tuesday! Lol. Thought it looked quite good, but as you say, there’s nothing to help you gauge whether it’s helping.

      Feel free to use these questions hon 🙂



    • I LOVE this book Diane, it’s really helped me 🙂

      I have the paperback, but a friend of mine has the Kindle version. The only problem with the kindle version is that on each page there is different sized fonts. My friend had trouble with that.

      Lol, hope you enjoy it if you decide to buy it 🙂



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  5. “8. Adverbs have all but disappeared from my writing?”

    This is one of the hardest things for me to overcome as a writer, because I tried to mix them into my works colorfully. Writing “tighter” is a challenge, though.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll be checking out The Writers Book of Days as these prompts are great!



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