Reader Appreciation Award

I’ve been nominated by the lovely Michael over at My Glass House for The Reader Appreciation Award 🙂

I love receiving all these awards, it’s so nice to be thought of, to know that people enjoy what I have to say *grins stupidly* lol

So thank you Michael, I will be playing by the rules with this one as I really like the questions 🙂


What is my favourite colour?
It’s a toss up between red and purple lol. I wear a lot of red, and love writing with purple ink.

What is my favourite animal?
Hmmmm, I love cats and dogs, oh and foxes.

What is my favourite non-alcoholic beverage?
A Costa Latte….mmmmmm.

Facebook or Twitter?
FaceBook, I’m not on Twitter, yet. Although I’m getting really peeved by all the crappy things FaceBook are getting up to recently 😦

Favourite pattern?
Anything black and white, but I’m a bit partial to hearts 🙂

Do you prefer getting or giving presents?
Giving, definitely!

Favourite number?
Can’t decide between 15 (my birthday, hubbys birthday and my eldest sons birthday) or 5 (the month I was born and the number of people in my family).

Favorite day of the week?
Probably Sundays as I get to lay in and snuggle with hubby lol.

Favourite flower?
White roses, no contest. But I love the smell of Lavender.

What is my passion?
Hmmmm, that’s tricky, I’m passionate about a lot of things….my family, love, helping and caring about other people, volunteering, animals….but, come on, you know the real answer don’t you? WRITING 🙂

I’m going to nominate the following Bloggers for this award. You know the rules guys, answer the questions and pass it on….nominate as many fellow Bloggers as you like, make someone smile today 🙂 I know some of you have already had this award, so my apologies…. Is there such a thing as too many? Lol

Sabrina at Creativity or Crazy
Laura at Quill Wielder
Kathryn at 4am Writer
Clar at Clarbojahn
Lightning Pen

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