Six Sentence Sunday 15th July

Today’s six sentences are from a prompt (using Judy Reeves book) I did earlier this week entitled “My real name is…..”

My real name is Jane, Jane Smith, but who remembers a Jane Smith? So for the past 5 years I’ve been Verity Delaney, which is far more interesting. In my previous life I was a housewife and mother. I spent my days cooking, doing the laundry and picking up my husbands underpants from whichever room he decided to de-robe in.

I bet you’re asking yourself what kind if woman walks out on her husband and two kids because she’s fed up with her life? A life she chose in the first place.

I’ve been trying to practice 1st person recently. I was very anti it, but the more I’m doing, the more I like it 🙂

I wrote about 300 words for this prompt, not too sure where it’s going….yet 😉

25 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 15th July

  1. I like this. I like a story that knows it’s a story, which is what you’ve done by asking the reader a question. How much do you usually write on your prompts? Do you set yourself a word or a time limit? I try to write for half an hour and sometimes only cover three pages of my notebook, sometimes five. My blog today is going to be about yesterday’s prompt.


    • I think I was a bit influenced by Sallinger, Catcher in the Rye….always loved the opening of that 🙂

      I don’t give myself any time limits or word limits Zoe, I just write until I run out of ideas, or I get interrupted. When I look back through my notebooks it’s so obvious which prompts I found inspiring, as they’re the ones with 6 pages, or that have turned into a complete short story. If I’m not gelling with the prompt it might only be 2 pages lol.

      When I first started in January I set myself a goal of a complete short story a day, kind of Flash Fiction. But I couldn’t keep to that after a couple of months, so now I write scenes or just free write 🙂



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  3. Cool name. I like it. It takes a while to get used to first person but sometimes it’s the only way to tell a story. It seems with me, though, my short stories are written in 1st and my novels in 3rd. Do you find you’re having to ‘force’ the writing or is it coming more natural regardless of story length?


    • I’m worried Jenny that all my first person characters will have the same voice, my voice lol.

      Oh I’m finding that any writing I do now is coming more naturally, I don’t have to sit and think about it too much, it just tends to flow most of the time. It may end up being pretty rubbish, but, I’m still quite proud of myself 🙂



  4. This reminds me of the movie “Shirley Valentine”. She runs off to Greece, has a fling, dumps the fling and the husband, and opens a cafe. The more you do first person, the easier it gets. Good start!


  5. You are a great writer. I always enjoy your posts. I’m glad you’re experimenting in first person. I find it challenging because you have so many Is and mys. Good start!


  6. Interesting – I like the way you started off, it feels like I’m peering into her life and I can’t wait to find out more. I’m not a fan of writing in first person too – I simply don’t do it well, but I love reading this! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  7. I actually started doing first person when I started writing.

    And then I eventually developed third out of what I felt was obligation; from what I found out, not only was third far more common (but why?), it was also easier to use to get a handle on what you’re actually writing, instead of just babbling someone’s inner thoughts.


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