Yo-Yo Blogging For The Next Week

I’m going to have to interrupt my normal schedule for the next week guys, because, today
I’M OFF TO CAERLEON *grins like the Cheshire*

Excited is an understatement lol

Yesterday was spent packing all my stuff, shopping for last minute bits and constantly checking the weather forecast for the week to come (hoping the little rain clouds would disappear lol).

I will blog daily, I promise, but I might kind of be a day behind, if you get what I mean lol. My apologies now as I’m bound to get behind with all your posts.

So here’s a pic of my new “writer” bag 🙂

I am constantly on the look out for the ideal “writers” bag. So far, I’ve not found one, but this is pretty cool. Its big enough for a couple of A4 folders and has lots of zips and pockets. I’ll have more of an opinion about it by the end of the week, but, so far so good 🙂

Do you have a bag that you use specifically to cart your writing stuff about in?

16 thoughts on “Yo-Yo Blogging For The Next Week

  1. My writing stuff has grown too bulky to all fit into one bag, but my favorite one is still the leather briefcase my dad gave me for my twenty-fifth birthday. Someday I wanted to put something great into that briefcase, so when the time comes to meet agents, and stuff, that’s the bag I’ll carry with me.

    Have a great trip! I am really looking forward hearing all about your adventures at Caerleon. 🙂


  2. Love the bag Vikki – sounds like you will be able to fit all the necessary bits in it for your trip. I bought a red tote bag recently, which I will be sharing a picture of one day as I love it. The idea was to carry my laptop around in it as well as everything else, but it became too heavy. So now I have a very small laptop bag that I carry in addition to my tote bag (life can be so complicated!). The good thing about it is that I don’t take the laptop to work all the time, so it’s just there in a separate bag if I want to grab it as I walk out the door.
    Can’t wait to hear all about your writing holiday…


  3. I use a laptop bag then place my camera so the padded bit protects the screen but I do like yours I must say mine is looking a little grubby too much time sat in the woods so maybe it is time to look for a new one


    • Thanks honey 🙂

      Do you know what, i was thinking that. So if you need to take say, your notebook, your laptop, and, i dunno, a book, to a coffee shop to write, how would you transport all that stuff?

      If youre anything like my hubby it would be a Tesco carrier bag lol



      • Well I do have a laptop mini briefcase, a rucksack which fits a laptop (usually for airport travel), a shoulder bag, and a record bag, so I suppose I am well stocked 🙂


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