A Fun Packed Day

I had a lovely breakfast this morning which included “black pudding”…now, we dont get that at Swanwick 😉 So i was really set up for the day and the first part of my course “A Complete Introduction To writing Romance” with Kate Walker.

Kate talked about characterisation and that by creating in depth characters to begin with, a plot and conflict can be formed. Thoroughly enjoyable, i learned a lot 🙂 Kate has a book out at the moment about Writing Romance, so i can highly reccomend that if youre interested in the Mills & Boon/Harlequin avenue.

After a lunch of salad it was time for Stephen Wade to give a talk, entitled “A Man of Many Hats” He talked about his 65 published books, which genres range from biography and poetry to true crime. He read us examples of his poetry and even put on the Russian accent required when reading his poem about the Russian and the dinner lady. A very amusing and entertaining guy, and, husband to Kate Walker 🙂







His advice to aspiring writers? Wear lots of hats! 🙂

After a small break it was time for an after tea session. I chose to do “Finding Your Place: Bringing Settings To Life” with Carol Fenton. The session was all about showing us how good description of a setting can add mood to your work. Carol gave us photos we had to write about, and my mind went blank (typical!!!). Some of the other delegates read out some of their descriptions, which were excellent! 🙂

One of the books Carol Gave us as an Example was Waterland by Graham Swift. I approached Carol after the class and asked her if she knew if there was any truth in the rumour that Swift wrote the book (which is set in the English Fens) with out even visiting the area. Carol didnt know, but we both agreed that if that was indeed true, what a marvellous writer.

And thats what we want isnt it? To be able to write as if we know an area inside out, even if we dont 😉

Tonights speaker is Irene Yates, and unfortunately i wont be attending 😦 My feet are killing me! lol. So im in my room, with my fluffy slippers on *snigger*

Later this evening there is going to be a pub crawl….ha ha ha, no chance. So it’ll be drinks on the terrace instead, or rather, in my case “drink” 😉

22 thoughts on “A Fun Packed Day

  1. Sounds like fun so far. I’ve heard writers nonsense the need to visit a place to write about it (although no doubt that helps), you just need to make it sound real. Imagine writing about life in a spaceship. Probably not going to happen to me, but I would just need to make it sound like it could. Or make it sound believable within the world of the story.


  2. Sorry I couldn’t find a better place to put this…

    I got tagged with a WIP-related blog-challenge. I’m passing it on to you, but I’m going to be MIA when the post goes live on 7/30, so I wanted to give you a head’s up. There should be a traceback thinggy, but I don’t want to rely on it 🙂


  3. I’ve always considered attending one or more workshops for writers, to listen to the tips and tricks the professionals used to get to where they are. I never followed through, fearing that it would change my whole outlook and provide the necessary tools that I needed to change, as a writer. I didn’t want change, though I’ve come to realize since then that it’s truly inevitable; change is necessary in order to grow stronger and wiser.

    It sounds like great fun to have been there to listen to the stories and take part.


    • Oh, you must go to one if you can honey. I promise you that you’ll get a lot out of it, good and bad. What i mean is, you take away the peices of advice that touched YOU 🙂

      Good luck, would love to hear aboiut it if you do one!



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