Where Do You Write?

Well, now I’ve finished with my guesters (a HUGE thank you to everyone who took part) I can conclude that:

1. The bed is very popular

2. Anywhere seems to be the ok

3. I made myself jealous lol

In a nice way of course. I guess the whole exercise made me realise that I needed to get organised. I was fed up writing at the dining room table. I was fed up not being able to get to all my stuff when I needed it (ie working from piles) and I was fed up moaning about it. I needed to take action. I needed to get my shit together (pardon my French).

Sooooo, I made plans 😉 More on that tomorrow *squeals*

In the meantime, check out Ross Gales video….the bath…..really? Lol

Ross created this video for Jeff Goins “I Am A Writer” competition where he received the accolade of 1st Runner Up (to Dustin’s video, remember that?).

And here was my absolutely pathetic writing space *mutter grumble mutter* whilst I was hearing about some of your lovely desks! Lol

I hated it with a passion lol….it was getting me down.

Check out Sara Flowers Blog where she asks her readers about their writing spaces. Seeee, I’m not the only nosey one 😉

Also, Simon Whaley’s blog, where he talks about the importance of having your own space.

Sooooo, if you didn’t take part in my guest posts, and didn’t share info on where you write, I ask the question Tell me, where do you write?

42 thoughts on “Where Do You Write?

  1. kitchen table, mostly. Sometimes I’ll drag the laptop into the living room and write on the couch. I prefer being outside but the weather has been so darn hot lately I haven’t been able to do so. Sometimes I’ll go to the library if I need peace and quiet.


  2. When I am at home, I write in bed with lap top on my lap and iPad at arms length for any research issues. The majority of the time I write in the coffee shops near my place. I do want a proper writing spot at home. Maybe in my next house.


  3. I’ve got a sleek, economically-sound office that I get to use about once a week.

    “Get to use,” as in Socrates the Pug is going to poop on the floor if I’m in there and he feels neglected. I carry a tiny moleskine with me, I jot down notes. I narrate in my head while I’m taking a bath.

    But the bulk of my writing is done at the kitchen table…


  4. Tom Clancy wrote, The Hunt For Red October at his kitchen table on an electric typewriter with his kids jumping over the cable. I have written in my car, in the living room, and at work. At my old job it was in a garage but with this job I’m able to sit in the office, at a desk! Lol but mainly I write in my bedroom at my desk. I DO get more done when I’m at my desk. I also tend to have my iPad close to hand for research (skiving on Facebook) when I move out I’m determined to have my own office, even if it is in a spare bedroom 😀


  5. Noooo! You’ve fixed your writing space situation? Without me? I thought we agreed we’d wait for each other! Agghh!

    JK. I’ll be joining you soon. I hope. Christmas seems to be the goal. Until then it’s the squishy couch and the local craft beer restaurant…


  6. I didn’t think I could ever work anywhere but my study. But last winter it was so cold up there that I moved to the kitchen table. My desk is lovely, and my study is nice (although it’s getting full with sofabed, stationery and books). But the kitchen table is really big, and it’s in an extension with a large windows that let in the light. It’s like sitting in the garden without the wind. Where do I prefer to write? At the kitchen table. But then, I live on my own, so I’m not in anyone’s way. x


  7. I’m on the dining room table too – scramble whenever anyone comes to dinner – hide everything under the bed, leave the piles where they were hidden, forget what was there, lose those vital photos and that piece of paper with the notes I wanted….a desk of my own – if only there was room!


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