Six Sentence Sunday 16th September

Today is Six Sentence Sunday!

I’ve finally managed to get my link up on the site so this week I am participating officially! 🙂

Still experimenting with first person POV, and d’ya know what? I’m really enjoying it 🙂

In my first life, when I lived in France, my bed was straw. In my second life, in Italy, I laid on a large white bed, surrounded by vases of flowers, my body draped in the finest silk. Now, in what I call, my third life, I am a prisoner in a two up two down tiny terraced house in a small town in Northern England.

I don’t mind the cold and the rain, i was expecting that. But what I wasn’t expecting was how much John would change. I’m trapped and he has my passport.

This was part of a piece that a wrote about a poor French girl who tries to better herself. Unfortunately, in Italy she meets a man who, after promising her the earth, whisks her back to England to a life of misery (he turns out to be a right nasty bit of work!).

photo courtesy of Darren Robertson/freedigitalphotos

Poetic justice for being greedy? Or will the Italian Stallion come to England to rescue her?

8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 16th September

  1. Hey you finally made it! 1st POV is good for the intimate feeling. I wrote in 1st and not changing to 3rd. Why? I don’t know. Past lives eh? I’m doing that alo for Phoebe


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