The To Do List 17th to 23rd September

I did quite well with last weeks list 🙂

1. Finish current read and start Tim Lotts book. Yep, I finished what I was reading, plus, read a Mills & Boon in between *snigger* 😉 Started Tim’s book yesterday!

2. Carry on with the planning of Sorrento Sunrise. Yep, have come up with the basic plot line, some ideas for scenes, still a little bit stuck on the ‘black moment’ but other than that it’s going well 🙂

3. Sort out stuff I need to do for new writing group. Didn’t really have to do much to be honest, but, there will be some more stuff to do this week 🙂

4. Continue reading romance guides. Have thoroughly enjoyed this task. I’m still reading them and will be for a few more weeks lol

5. Do a timetable inc setting aside time for exercise. Ahhhh, now this was a complete disaster! 😦 Not because I couldn’t do it. I sat at my desk for over an hour, it’s just not gunna work for me 😦 It’s not something I can stick to so I’m not going to pressure myself. Timetables are OUT!

6. Start the diet again. I did, sort of lol. I’m not calorie counting or going to WW just yet. I’ve just tried to cut out all the crap, and believe me, there was lots of it! Lol….I even had a pack of choccie bikkies in the fridge all week and I didn’t touch em! Ok, ok, I had 2 lol 😉

7. Keep up to date with my prompts. Thanks to the desk I haven’t been behind once 🙂

Sooooo, onto this weeks list…’s a kinda TBC list.

1. Continue reading romance guides. That won’t be difficult lol

2. Continue making notes on Sorrento Sunrise.

3. Sort out writing group stuff. We now have an email addy and have set up a FaceBook group… Maidstone Writers is nearly fit to go!

4. Finish reading current book. This might be hard, but I’m aiming to read a book a week (ha bloody ha!).

5. Start going to the gym. I should really have done that one last week, but, to be honest, I didn’t feel too good (*whispers* women’s problems – TMI? Probably lol)

6. Continue with diet/healthy eating. Hate it, but gotta be done 😦

7. Keep up to date with daily prompts.


so what are your plans for the week?

14 thoughts on “The To Do List 17th to 23rd September

  1. I like the idea of to do lists. The have more of an urgency about them. They’re written down so we have to do them. I should probably try it. Good luck with yours!


  2. You’re doing really well with your lists, Vikki 🙂 Mine is a bit of a TBC list this week too. Trying to find time to go to the gym is always the first to go, it seems, in the face of other more ‘writerly’ activities xxx


  3. You make me feel quite week with all that stuff – my list now consists of
    1. Making lunch
    2. Eating lunch
    3. Having a snooze.
    Actually what I shall be doing is grabbing lunch on the run, laying out a new scarf (I’m a textile artist. I make felt and have an exhibition in three weeks Eeek!) and trying to write in and around that.
    Lists will not work for me at the moment. Haven’t time to make ’em.


  4. I like your lists. Thanks in part to you, I’ve been doing lists myself. I’ve found it easier to put one small thing on the list for each day, and leave the rest as floating stuff in case I have more time. My list included doing a critique, watching ‘The Deer Hunter’, (as my novel has veered into the Vietnam War), experimenting with some stuff in GIMP (which is like Photoshop but free) for my blog, and continuing to work on my revision.

    Sounds like great progress on your novel! Is Sorrento Sunrise going to be your Nano this year?


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