The To Do List 5th to 11th November

It’s been a busy week, and set to get busier! 😉

I came down with a stinking cold last Tuesday, I haven’t felt back to my normal self since 😦 Trying to muddle through though, as you do, but trying to keep inside as much as possible….which is probably why the list suffered.

1. Faber homework etc. Yep! All up to date!

2. Look at But Not Forgotten and decide which 5,000 words to submit. Well, I cut and pasted a section into another Word document 😉

3. Start Christmas shopping. Pass!

4. Stock freezer for bad weather. Pass!

Oh dear, that didn’t go well did it? *slump* but, onwards and upwards! This week looks like this *gulp*


1. Faber homework (inc reading fellow students work).

2. Keep up with daily Nano word count.

3. Catch up with prompts…..3 days behind *groan*

4. Write article for Faber *EXCITING*

5. Print out and read But Not Forgotten extract (Faber sub) and take to Westdean for editing/fiddling.

Gawd, that’s quite a bit isn’t it! And the Nano word count is 1667 words a day. Think I’m really gunna need the retreat by the end of the week lol…..which reminds me….I also need to make a list of stuff I need to buy for the retreat lol

what are your plans for the week?

24 thoughts on “The To Do List 5th to 11th November

  1. You make lists I try not to as I get depressed looking at how much I stretch myself – just like you. Big work meeting on Monday and a Guy Fawkes evening, writers meeting on Tuesday, NaNo catch up Wednesday, volunteering Thursday and catch up again for NaNo Friday. See we’re both multi-tasked.


  2. Wow, that is a very busy week. Good luck with that lot. Don’t forget to have some rest otherwise that cold will not go away. 🙂 x


  3. Your list makes me tired too! Is the retreat part of Nano? Sounds like you need/deserve it, Vikki. I’ve had a cold too, and it is just so hard to keep on top of everything. You’re doing brilliantly 🙂 xxx


    • He he he, yours is just as bad Jo and I don’t have school runs! 😉

      Yes, the Retreat is a Nano weekend 🙂

      I really don’t know how I have managed to keep on top of things Jo, I’ve felt awful….but, I think it’s finally going!!!! 🙂

      Thanks honey, so are you! 🙂



  4. You have such a busy week ahead of you. Hope all goes well and you keep your sanity intact. 🙂 I’m going to set low expectations for myself this week. It’s been a difficult several days and I think my family needs a little comfort time, especially my daughter.


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