The To Do List 12th to 18th November

What a fabulous end to the week, a writing retreat! I can’t really say much more lol. Great place, great food, great people…..I can’t wait to go back! 🙂

So how did I get on with last weeks list?

1. Faber homework (inc reading fellow students work). I haven’t had chance to read the handouts, and as I’m going today I think I better lol

2. Keep up with daily Nano word count. Done! And I’m actually ahead 😉

3. Catch up with prompts…..3 days behind *groan* Done, but on,y because I’m using them for Nano, don’t ask, see previous moaning lol

4. Write article for Faber *EXCITING* Done, and they liked it! 🙂

5. Print out and read But Not Forgotten extract (Faber sub) and take to West Dean for editing/fiddling.Done!

So now, for this weeks lists…..ooooo, it’s a busy one!


1. Edit, the piece for Faber & hand in *gulp*

2. Keep up with Nano word count – try to get ahead a bit more.

3. Finish current read – Don Delillo

4. Finish Richard Skinners book.

5. Print out and read Faber Guest Tutor stuff – FOR MONDAY!

6. Clear inbox – which means catching up with all your blog posts from the weekend. I’m so sorry I’m so behind 😦

I think that’s it 😉

What are your writing plans for the week?

26 thoughts on “The To Do List 12th to 18th November

  1. Just keeping up with the NaNo word count is an accomplishment. You’ve gotten quite a bit done!! 😀 I finally finished the preliminary edit of a manuscript. Waiting to see what the beta reader catches before I send it to the editor. Have a great week Vikki!


  2. my goal is just to catch up with the word count for NaNo.

    also, it’s the last week of the term, so i suppose i need to start getting ready for the finals… ripe time to write a novel lol


  3. You are sooo busy!
    I’m ahead on my NaNo word count, so I’m trying to tear myself away from the novel writing to do a bit of critiquing and polishing on the revision. I’d love to do some reading as well … but I like my sleep too. 🙂


  4. Lofty goals. Good luck!

    My goals are to break 30k by Wednesday and read another book for pleasure. Easy goals which means I’ll accomplish neither. Lol


  5. You exhaust me too. Phew! I need to finish proof reading Foxden Acres. If the agent says ‘No’ (after having the full ms for 8 weeks), It’s going on Kindle. Also, research and write an article about Charles Dickens – deadline 23rd November for Christmas mag. Good luck with your workload Vikki. Much love, Maddie x


  6. Vicki, another great week ahead for you !! I will be doing the last chapters of my WIP, writing a revised query and submitting them both to my readers. I am loving the end being so close. By November 18th all will be done and I can start anew with my next project 🙂


  7. I just want to not be behind on my word count for NaNo. I want to try and catch up and get to 25 000 by halfway day. I’m writing with my fingers crossed.


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