Six Sentence Sunday 18th November

Thank you for all your comments yesterday. It’s really interesting to hear how you all work ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s 6 sentences come from an exercise I did in my Faber class the week before last. The idea was to imagine you’re walking into a house and describe what you see…..

The hallway was a sensory overload. The muddy tones of the paisley carpet battled against the tiny delicate flowers that covered the walls. The ceiling and woodwork, painted white, a welcome reprieve to the eyes.

Turning into the dining room the carpet continued, but the walls were now a deep shade of red. A blood bath to dine by. The furniture, reproduction deep mahogany, a homage to Victorian style.


Who would live in a house like this?

28 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 18th November

  1. Poetic, Vikki. A touch of Dickens, perhaps. “A blood bath to dine by.” added the fear aspect and, because the furniture was reproduction not authentic Victorian, I suspect all is not as it seems. Beginings of a horror story perhaps.


  2. Actually our house had wallpaper on ceiling and walls that clashed. And I designed some rooms for my psycho characters a few years ago, nothing like yours though


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