The To Do List 3rd To 9th December

Firstly a huge thank you to Bridget Whelan for looking after my blog these last couple of days. I feel like I’ve had a mini holiday! Lol 😉

I hope you’ve found Bridget’s tips useful, I know I have. My advice is to print them off and stick them in your notebook, that’s what I’ll be doing 🙂

The 3rd and final part of Bridget’s Editing Series will be on her blog today. So do pop over to Bridget’s Blog to read the final part – Six Tips To Help You Get Your Nano Novel Ready For A Reader

Ok, now lets crack on….

It’s been a funny old week, I’ve found it hard to focus. Too much spinning round my head I guess from the Faber Critique last Monday. So the to do list was neglected 😦

1. Print out rest of Sorrento Sunrise and start padding. Nope! Didn’t touch it, but, to be fair, my printer cartridges only arrived on Friday lol

2. Read BN’s manuscript (a friends Nano story). Halfway through, I am a bad Beta reader 😦

3. Sort out notes from critique of But Not Forgotten. Ha ha ha, what notes? I didn’t make any!

4. Read next Faber critique piece. Done!

5. Continue with Richard Skinners book. Done!

6. Start an ideas notebook for But Not Forgotten. Done! I have made some notes, got some ideas, will share later 😉

7. Print off and file Nano short stories. Nope! Due to printer having no ink and being lazy lol

So not a very productive week this week 😦 My only excuse is not being mentally 100% with it. Which means there will be some stuff carried forward 😉

1. Print out Sorrento Sunrise and file (for editing at a later date).

2. Finish BN’s manuscript – Beta reading.

3. Faber homework.

4. Do a review of Richard Skinners book and Start Nigel Watts one!

5. Continue making notes on new version of But Not Forgotten. Need to decide on POV etc. if it goes well, make a start!

6. Print off and file Nano short stories.

Also, I’ll be going back to writing my daily prompts in my notebook, which I’m actually looking forward to 🙂

so what are you up to this week?

32 thoughts on “The To Do List 3rd To 9th December

  1. so how come it’s so difficult to get printer cartridges? I won’t be looking at my nano for a while am editing another piece I started in the summer. And main goal is preparing for a trip – will be in your neck of the woods actually


  2. Hm. My list. Come up with 5-10k words for this story I’m in the middle of by Friday so I can beg people to do a read through for me. Did I mention I haven’t actually finished my NaNo story? So that. Do my part in the fiction relay I’m in. Oh and grade papers because its finals week and grades will be due.

    Good luck to you, ma’am.


  3. I joined a challenge to write 1 story every week this year. Due to the wedding and stuff I thought I’d get nowhere near, but I’m actually closer than I thought so I’m going to write as many more as I can and try to catch up by New Year’s Eve.


  4. On my “to-do” list this week, I have an edit, three dozen items to photograph for my new on-line store, two posts, three important appointments and I think I need to hung down that partridge in a pear tree and have hm for dinner 🙂


  5. Hi Vikki, I’m ditching my weekly To Do list and going with a monthly one! But this month I’ve got so much to do that thinking about it actually makes my head hurt. And that’s before I’ve got started on Christmas preparations. Or finding an angel costume AND a butterfuly costume (!) for my daughter’s Christmas plays! Well, off to have a nice glass of wine and forget about it all for half an hour 🙂 Good luck with your week, honey xxx


  6. Why do printer cartridges have to play dirty all the time! 😦

    My week consists of lot of catching up with old friends and trying to sort out all my reviews (so I know where they all are) 😉


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