The To Do List 10th to 16th December

I spent most of yesterday trying to catch up with all your blogs and e mails. I’m sorry, but I made much use of the “like” button lol 😉

I’m feeling a bit worn out at the moment. I think I’ve just been over doing it, so I’m looking forward to a break at Christmas.

Last weeks To Do List was more successful than I thought it would be now I’ve a tally gone through it again 🙂

1. Print out Sorrento Sunrise and file (for editing at a later date). Done!

2. Finish BN’s manuscript – Beta reading. Still reading 🙂

3. Faber homework. Done!

4. Do a review of Richard Skinners book and Start Nigel Watts one! Done!

5. Continue making notes on new version of But Not Forgotten. Need to decide on POV etc. if it goes well, make a start! Ive made a start. Written 500 words, the beginning, in 1st person POV….now, I just need to do the same piece in 3rd person and see which works better.

6. Print off and file Nano short stories. Done!

This weeks list looks like this…..

1. Finish Beta reading BN’s piece.

2. Faber homework.

3. Continue with Nigel Watts book.

4. Edit and prepare The Last Word Cafe Synopsis for Thursdays event.

5. Continue making notes on The Last Word Cafe and do a section in 3rd person.

6. Go through Faber notes re The Last Word Cafe.

I have a really busy week coming up…I’m out Monday night, Wednesday Night, Thursday night and then all day Saturday and most of Sunday….so wish me luck! Lol

What are your writing plans this week?

21 thoughts on “The To Do List 10th to 16th December

  1. Good luck with this week’s list, Vikki. It’s so hard trying to fit everything in at this time of year. I’m going to carry on editing The Family Trap and work on an index for Hodder Education this week, along with lots of festive activities 🙂 Looking forward to the first v third person debate xxx


  2. OMG, I’m dizzy just looking at yours. Take a deep breath and take it easy. Make sure to wind down and have a couple of pints… er, glasses of Mulled Wine every night. It is the Christmas season after all! My writing plans for this week? Well, I’ve just finished proofing book 2 for the third (or fourth? or fifth) and final time and it’s back with the publisher almost ready for printing. I shall use the brief respite to get organized for my blog tour; and as Xmas is my favourite time of year, I’ve put my WIP on hold until January so I can actually go and smell the biscuits from time to time. 🙂 x


  3. I’ll be writing up more of my Arthur novel, arguing with my friend Mr. Editor, blogging, blogging, catching up with coursework and generally getting flustered about getting everything done in time for Christmas! On the bright side, at least I’ll get to decorate my tree tonight 🙂


  4. My favorite day of the week … the day you post your “to-do” for yourself, Vikki and remind me … time to get moving. I’ll continue with the edits on a draft, add more items to my new on-line store, enjoy my blogging friends and add another installment of Christmas madness on my own 🙂 Have a great week and again … please write on !!


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