I LOVE Santa

Been up since just before 5am….. A combination between excitement and knowing there’s a lot to do today 😉 Unfortunately, it seems I’m the only one in our house today who was eager! So I spent the next 3 hours sodding about on Facebook and Twitter (which were quite dead as everyone was busy opening presents!) catching up with blog stuff and writing my prompt. Two cups of tea later and feeling pretty bored I finally had company.

As far as I’m concerned you should open your Christmas presents in the dark, don’t you think? It’s not the same when it’s daylight outside, that’s just wrong! Right, that’s it, next year I’m getting them all up earlier!

Not a great amount of presents under the tree this year because the kids ain’t kids anymore *deep sigh*


But, it does appear that I have been a very good girl! There was only 1 thing on my Christmas list this year and it seems that Santa* thought I deserved it 🙂

A MAC AIR! *squeals* It’s still in its box but I’ll be fiddling with it later 🙂

Am now recovering from a hearty Christmas dinner 🙂


Hope you’re all having a lovely day….can’t wait for my pudding!

*Huge thank you to the hubster 🙂

24 thoughts on “I LOVE Santa

  1. LOL – I was always the first up, usually about 4am…one year my hubby just handed me a gift he’d hidden under the bed & went back to sleep. I, of course opened it then woke the kids up. Now-a-days it is a quiet day, the children are older and as all my family are in good Old Blighty – we only have them via Skype. However, we have some wonderful friends, who we share the season with so our festivities have changed but it is still special.
    Merry Xmas and a smashing New Year to you.


  2. Merry Christmas! I was up around 7:30. Just finished opening presents. I have my turkey in the oven, a turkey and a duck on the smoker and I have a little cleaning to do. It is a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing yours with us.


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