New Years Resolutions?

Or should they be called goals?

No, no To Do List today….this is my 2nd week off 🙂

Ok, I make a list every year (don’t we all?) but I can’t share with you last years list as I don’t know what I’ve done with it lol. I thought I’d stuck it on my blog, but I didn’t 😦 I think that means we can safely assume that I didn’t stick to them lol

So, what am I planning this year?

1. Read a fiction book a week/a writing guide each month. I’m so fed up not being able to find the time to read, well, that’s what I tell myself, that I don’t have time 😦

2. Have at least 1 writing session per week “out” somewhere. Go to a coffee shop, or the library, anywhere to get me out if the house to write!

3. Tidy and declutter the house. *groan* but it really needs doing.

4. Continue with the diet. I lost a stone, but half of that has gone back on (what can i say, its Christmas! lol) but I need to keep going to get back to what I was in 2008 🙂

5. Go to the gym more. Isn’t that on everyone’s resolution list?

courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos

6. Write every day! I’m use to this, I’ve done it for a whole year already. Plus I’ve joined Sally Quilfords 100K in 100 Days Challenge.

7. Get WIP finished by the end of Faber course. First 5000 words of The Last Word Cafe needed for February.

8. Go out somewhere once a week. We use to do this, I’m not too sure why we stopped lol

9. Cut down the smoking. *gulp*

10. Keep a “Writing Journal.” Like Jill Dawson described.

I have a few other goals like drink more water, have a Peter Jones style Boxing Day once a month, plus cook more lol. But the 10 above are the ones I really wanna stick to 🙂

Wish me luck! What are your Resolutions/Goals for 2013?

If you’re off out partying tonight, have a good one. It’ll be a quiet one here on the sofa as hubby’s not very well. Not that we’d planned anything anyway lol 😉


46 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions?

  1. That is a great list, Vikki! 🙂 I like the reading fiction resolution especially. I will have to add that one as well. It should help the inspiration flow even more. Plus, reading is fun!


  2. My main resolution is to actively seek freelance work but also edit & revise my NaNo novel into something that I can submit to educational publishers. There will be monthly writing group meetings & board meetings and assistance every Thursday at my publishers. Never a dull moment here!


  3. Good luck. I felt like my goals should’ve been a littleness definitive, like “take the GRE and apply for doctoral programs”. I kind of need to do that.


  4. A great list Vikki. An achievable list as well I imagine. Thanks to you I’m now also doing Sally’s 100,000 word challenge! I think it helps knowing you’re doing it alongside others.

    I like the idea if getting out to write. I tried this once, a couple of months back, I took my laptop to the library. The place is so small though I looked and felt out of place so I’m not sure how productive it was for me. If it works for you though, getting out is a great idea!

    You can definitely do the weight thing. It’s taken me three years, very slow going, but I’ve lost three stone and I could do with losing a last half.

    I have a good feeling about 2013 🙂


    • Thanks Rebecca 🙂

      Brilliant, yes, I saw you’d joined….1 day to go *gulps*

      I find coffee shops are definitely the best place, especially as you’ll always see others with their laptops. I just think it’s nice to have new experiences, mix it up a bit, rather than writing in the same spot every day, day in day out 🙂

      Good for you on the weight loss! That’s the problem with writing though isn’t it, WRITERS BUM! Lol.

      So do I Rebecca, so do I 🙂



  5. I’ve never made a resolution and stuck to it. I don’t know if that means there is something wrong with me, or something wrong with the resolutions I make! Good luck with yours!


  6. We share No1 and 3 in intentions, and I’m swiping your number two to add to mine also, as it sounds such a nice idea to get out and about writing. An importNt new one for me is to comment more – see, already starting on your blog. Have a lovely New Years.


    • He he he 🙂 Swipe away Hunter, swipe away! You know I’m all for sharing!

      Lol! Commenting on other blogs and replying to comments made on your own blog is very time consuming isn’t it….BUT….SO WORTH IT! It’s my favourite part of blogging, the chatting 🙂

      Good luck with your list honey and thank you, you have a lovely New Year too! See you next year! (I LOVE saying that!) *giggles*



  7. An excellent list there Vikki, I think I’ll be borrowing most of it! I really like the idea of going out to write also.
    Good luck with the challenge and I hope 2013 proves to be everything you would wish.
    I’ve really enjoyed the blog, it’s been informative, motivational and good fun.


  8. Impressive list Vikki. 3 is always on my list and I manage a little but not a lot. I like 1 but couldn’t manage a book in a week in a month maybe. Def one of my resolutions is to clear my shelves of paperbacks. Not easy when I prefer to read from my kindle. Might even finish up buying my favourites to put on kindle. Is that extravagant? Of course I know the answer. You never know I might even start a blog. Just got 1 day to make that decision. I have a title is that enough not sure if I have a life. LOL
    Good luck with all your resolutions hope you can manage them. At least you know where the list is this year. 🙂


    • Ha ha ha, nah, not extravagant, necessity! 😉

      Ooooo, I hope you decide to start blogging! I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it’s been this past year! I’ve ‘met’ some wonderful inspiring people 🙂 I will warn you though, it’s a MAJOR time suck! Lol….but I’ve loved it! 🙂

      Thanks Mary, and thank you, for always taking the time to come and comment. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to return the favour on your blog 😉

      Happy New Year honey!!!!!


      Ps…yep! I watched all those movies in 2012, but I’ve got another 3 to add to the list today lol


  9. Sounds very impressive. Look forward to hearing all about them as we go through 2013 hope your evening is a good one, and hubby feels better very soon. Happy New Year 🙂 xxx


  10. Great resolutions – def a good idea to read more, can’t wait to get stuck back into a book tomorrow night after this evening’s night out. Look forward to reading about your progress x


  11. Your first entry exactly matches one of my ‘goals’. I’m a slow reader so a book a week will keep me busy! I like your idea of committing to a craft book a month….imagine if I actually read some of those how-to books on my shelf…… knowledgeable I might become! See you tomorrow on the 100k…can’t wait…just hope i’m up to the challenge!


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  13. Great goals! Still thinking but here are some so far : keep shooting for a goal of blogging twice a week, read 2 books a month, drink more water(with lemon or something-not big on water), and find a local writer’s group.


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