Monday Must Do’s 14th to 20th Jan

My Mini Writing Retreat on Saturday was a resounding success πŸ™‚ I netted myself over 7,000 words writing to prompts. Gave the old grey cells a real going over!


So the list for last week ended up like this:

1. Keep up with the 1000 words a day challenge. Done and exceeded!
2. Do the daily ‘small stones’ Done
3. Send off my RNA form Done
4. Keep up with my resolutions and daily timetable. Well, the timetable has been a complete disaster 😦 I worked out that if I do everything I need to it will take me 12 hours every day! Hmmmm, it’s just not gunna happen, I can’t live my life like that *deep sigh* So any suggestions on time management will be gratefully received lol
5. Faber homework There wasn’t any this week
6. Order ink cartridges. Done and received πŸ™‚

I don’t struggle in motivation, by any means, I just need a 24 hour day to be much longer! Lol

So here’s this weeks list…..


I have 2 Faber sessions (including an all dayer) and a book launch mid week which should be fun!

What are you up to this week?

21 thoughts on “Monday Must Do’s 14th to 20th Jan

  1. Vikki, I already had “to-do” list envy. Now I want to climb into a child safety seat and have a good cry. It’s been weeks since my life has been turned on its hind end and I might after this Wed. begin to return to quasi-normal.

    In the meantime, great job on your writing. You inspire me to forge on through the adversity of cyber problems, a hardware failures πŸ™‚


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