Book Launch – Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes

A bonus post for you this week because I just had to tell you what I was up to last night!

Me, The Hubster and our daughter attended the book launch for friend, my Co Nano ML and talented writer Elizabeth Haynes 3rd book, Human Remains.


Elizabeth is a huge inspiration to all aspiring authors, having used Nanowrimo to kick start her writing career.

It was lovely to see so many of the Kent Wrimo’s at the launch party and of course, hubby insisted that he had to have his own copy of the book!

I’m looking forward to the read if Keith B Walters review is anything to go by! (Lovely to meet you last night Keith!).

So this morning I’m feeling slightly worse for wear (too much Champagne!) so if you could all keep it down today it would be much appreciated 😉 I’m off out in a sec for a writing session with a fellow Wrimo….which begs a question that came up last night….. Can you write while you’re drunk?

Do you write whilst you’re under the influence? Can you? Hemingway said “Write drunk; edit sober.” And look at how successful he was 😉 I’ll let you know if writing with a hangover is a good or bad thing later lol

32 thoughts on “Book Launch – Human Remains by Elizabeth Haynes

  1. Huge congrats to Elizabeth on her book launch, I shall add this to my TBR. Writing on the influence… mostly of coffee. Bizarrely, I’ve been known to edit once or twice with a glass of wine for fortification and to help disentangle knotty plot problems. Mostly, though, I’m teetol at the keyboard. XX


  2. I haven’t tried writing under the influence, but I have tried programming that way, and it works quite well if you haven’t had too much 8^). In fact, there was some research that showed that logical ability improves with your first two drinks, but then heads downhill fast after that.


  3. Haven’t written with a hangover (because I avoid ever having one, she says smugly) but I have written with a spritzer on the side at the weekends and sometimes it makes the words flow better. It depends how tired I am. It tends to help with saucy scenes, I find!


  4. Hii, I’ve nominated your blog for an award, kindly check the link below, and confirm it when you have the time…Sorry for the late intimation!


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