Must Do’s 11th to 17th Feb

Well, last week was a complete mare as you probably know. Much angst about the WIP which is now in it’s 3rd metamorphosis. I think it’s going to work well with the new structure so I’m relieved lol 😉

Last week, the To Do List looked something like this:

1. Go through TLWC and make notes – where I need to add stuff. Well, I did start to do that and it was as I was reading through it, yawning, I realised that there was something missing 😉
2. Keep up with 1000 words a day. Yep, I did 🙂
3. Do some studying. Nope, too stressed lol
4. Read more. Read more this last week than I have for a while, but still not enough really 😦
5. Finish Draft Blog posts. Done!
6. Sort out and finalise guest blog posts. Nearly done, just got to add a couple of links to one of them 🙂

So it didn’t really go according to plan, but I did have a lot on my mind he he he!

This weeks list looks like this:


I’m going out Saturday night, The Hubster is taking me out for a Valentines Day meal. Can you beleive he’s deserting me on Valentines Day and playing chess? Lol…Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he makes it up to me at the weekend 😉

I’ll also be trying to do some character sketches so I’ll post one of those every week 🙂

Have a good week guys….What are your writing plans this week?

36 thoughts on “Must Do’s 11th to 17th Feb

  1. This was actually a really cute idea for a blog post, simply to share what your plans are for the week and how you accomplished them last week. lol! I can’t believe I actually read the whole post! And I don’t even know you!

    Ok now that I feel like a stalker, time to resume hw.


  2. Good luck with your projects 🙂

    I’m going to try to get little caught up on my novel but I don’t expect to. My weekend word counts are still manageable at the moment so for now I’ll be working on my Sunday Shorts, possibly revisit January’s novel (that I still have to finish) and fiddle with another novel that’s my just-for-fun project. Oh yes. Then there’s the grad school application to be done (references to hunt down), work, volunteering and attempt to weasel my way into another volunteer position for work experience for school.

    God thing I’m single otherwise I fear my date would be left at a fancy restaurant while I’m home passed out on the couch!

    Enjoy your weekend date (it sounds lovely!) and have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


    • Thanks Sandra 🙂

      Wow, that sounds like a busy week honey…good luck!

      I INTEND to! I’m expecting chocolates, flowers, champagne….. ( you listening darling?) I bet he’ll say “oh, I never saw that.” 😉



  3. You just helped me figure out what’s been wrong with my week. I haven’t done any reading! Will have to take care of that next week. Good luck with TLWC. Can’t wait to hear what you do with it. And have a great Valentine’s Day.


    • Thanks Mel 🙂

      Ahhhh, yes, reading *slumps down in chair* it’s beginning to get me down, I never seem to have time! And then when I do I end up falling asleep lol 😉

      You have a great Valentines Day too honey xx


  4. I think it’s great you’ve managed to keep up with 1000 words a day! I’m currently at 700 words a day and my wordcount is going up, so I’m hopeful! Hope you have a great week 🙂


  5. Chess! I hope they put little candles on the tables, really embarrass them all 😉
    Well done Vikki, even though you had a mare of a week you got most things done. You’re a real trouper!
    It’s launch week for me, so I’ve got a stack of stuff to do around that. Also I’m having half term week off, so I need to schedule my blog posts etc. Good luck with your week xxx


    • Ha ha ha, now there’s an idea Jo…I could book a singing telegram to turn up or something….noooo, perhaps not, they really wouldn’t appreciate their matches being disrupted lol

      I’m a grit teeth type of girl 😉 And even though I’m feeling incredibly stressed, well, I’m not really, but all the spots on my face tell me otherwise lol, I’m determined 😉

      Ooooo, launch week!!!! How exciting!!!!!! Is there going to be an online launch party thingy?

      Good luck to you too honey! Xx


  6. I’m continuing with one a day blog posts – whew! Managed to finish transcribing a novella on Sunday so that’s one job out of the way. Need to get into current WIP to add chapters. Writing group board meeting tomorrow so making up agenda (I’m secretary).
    Trying to get a regular swim in every other day…failing so far! Must try harder.


  7. Mine is deserting me too and his company is paying for him to do my favorite thing – go-karting!!! Serious penance due I tell you. Have fun!


  8. You didn’t do so bad with last week’s goals.

    I’ve got several short stories in draft form so most of my writing time this week will be spent trying to knock them into shape.


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